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Mel Gibson hit a home run with this one one great movie
@LearnYourPlace LOL yer cos being out gunned and manned means everything vietnam nuff said
all sh*t aside BRILLIANT movie
IF YOU ARE PLEASED OH DIVINE ONE SHED LIGHT AGAIN.......nek menute some one needs to teech that guy what a solar ecplise does
Very good movie happy I took the time to watch it
One of the best movies i've ever seen... I love the parodie from this movie as well :D i think its called Year One.
So first check acopalypto and then "Year One" you will laugh for sure :D
Rare and Brilliant movie in my opinion!
@BrickTop Did you actually understand what you wrote there?
this movie is AWESOME!!!
This film is NOTHING like the (In Comic book guy voice) Worst comment ever portrayed it to be.. Movie: Green Arrow... Worst comment ever: Red arrows will blot out the sun!
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