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Not bad. I nice exploration of ourselves in what we are in the ordinary days. Not a sci-fi as many have already told but more a trip inside our consciousness and life. The end is good too if you understand the movie, it fits perfectly with what the movie is trying to say and with its storyline but I don't want to say more... 6.5/10
Well I was expecting more. I liked it very much. I think it would have been better if they make it a little longer.
anyway 7 out of 10 from me.
This was really a good movie, great story. Although I will not go so far to describe it as a sci-fi movie, nothing to do with it, it's just what give the input to it. A beatufil watch.
You know, I am all for open cliff hanger endings; I have watched several movies that were very much like this movie. However, I was very disappointed by the ending to this movie. I enjoyed the story so much that I almost cried twice—this does not happen easily—and was about to add this to my list of great movies... then the ending happened. Not only was it a cliff hanger, but it was a cliff hanger in a bad way. I will not spoil it for anyone who wishes to watch it, but I was not happy with the conclusion. I wanted to see these characters attain reconciliation. I wanted something that would for the first time in years, make me cry my eyes out. But it didn't happen; nothing happened. The story just disintegrated in the last five minutes.
The movie was, however, something to be admired. I wish more films could make me feel the way that this one did. Despite my anger at the ending, I give this movie:
Now thanks, I have to keep telling myself that everything resolved itself in the end...assholes.
slow, intense as the story dive into the deep emotions. Nice ending
good movie,very interesting and i liked the ending
I liked it after I got over the first part but I was a bit confused about the ending. Wish it had gone on a bit longer. Very good acting.
I thought it was a good story about redemption. She made a mistake and was trying to fix it. At the end she did by..
Woah! For my part, I wasn't expecting anything and woah!
I didn't get bored and the end was great!
Very intense. Maybe there is no explosions or little green man but it was good.
This is not a Sci-Fi film. "Slice of Life" would be the more felicitous genre. The Science Fiction elements are to help undergird the backdrop of the film but act as more of a plot device.
In fact, the actual science mentioned is quite literally nonsense...however, it's meant to be seen from a poetic, metaphorical* standpoint. Do not take this movie at face value. Required suspension of disbelief must to be at maximum!
At it's heart though, this movie is an aftermath character study with an emphasis on consequence, redemption, & second chances. Thought provoking? Absolutely. Profound? Not really.
Its atmosphere is somber, cold, plus...sentimentally awkward...'hard to explain. IDK. ANYWAYS, the pacing is particularly slow but intense, fluid, and almost trance-like at times; captivating nonetheless.
It's pretty ambitious/esoteric so (IMO) this is the kind of movie everyone will either enjoy or go "PFFFTTTTT" and X-out. Great for a rainy midnight. Even the story of how Another Earth was made is a pretty interesting one (and sort of funny). If you enjoyed the film, definitely check that out too.
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