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Actually this is a Good Movie & Christian Bale Is Looking So Good in this Movie :P 8.2/10
Great movie, enough said. Well worth a watch for anyone who loves a classic psycho thriller. 8/10
Love this movie
Best Movie Of Alltime
Got to be one of Christian Bales finest movies I think.
I usually don't like film with ol' Mr Bale but this was great! The music, clothes and the whole overall 80's theme sold it.
Christian Bale is engaging, especially at the start, but the movie is farcical (disbelief goes beyond not being able to be suspended), the acting and plot become exponentially worse as the movie goes on, and it is on the whole not well pieced together at all - fragmented amateur philosophication, fragmented action, and fragmented attempts at suspense..all failed.
American Psycho is a satirical black comedy that flawlessly contrasts the lust and gore of a crazed psychotic with the bleak and souless world of wall street in the 1980's. This film sharply hightlights the phenomenon of New York city's high society in this era and then quickly disasembles it by showing the absurdity surrounding everything that it embodied.
This absurdity worked on so many comedic levels as it satirized the 'cut throat' life style of these people to that of a man who takes literal pleasure in such a 'cut throat' lifestyle.
Christian Bale is fantastic in the role of Patrick Bateman and was viewed by Mary Harron as the only person capeable of playing him for good reason. His depiction of a shallow bussiness man gone mental is ceaselessly captivating and entertaining in every scene and his expressions and reactions are simply priceless. The camera work is equally as poinient as the acting and creates an aestetic worthy of such humourous and biting dialouge exemplified throughout the film.
This is one of the finest films of the new millenium and one that ages well with every watch, for it contains subtleties and timeless observations that will always be relevant to the culture it satirizes.
Possibly the worst movie ever made. The plot seemingly drags along with sense killing and sex scenes with a predictable and non-dramatic ending.
A brilliant, subtly creepy and deeply provocative look at the depths of society's manipulation of minds and the extreme consequences of such thought provoking paths through the eyes of a wall street day trader's twisted intermingling of perspective and imagination.
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