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I enjoyed the bit where he's sitting with his friends, and he knows he's coo coo for coco puffs, and he's just trying to keep it together.
Patrick Bateman what a Legend lol.
i wish i could be lucky not to have seen this one already, that's a Movie !!
Actually this is a Good Movie & Christian Bale Is Looking So Good in this Movie :P 8.2/10
Great movie, enough said. Well worth a watch for anyone who loves a classic psycho thriller. 8/10
Love this movie
Best Movie Of Alltime
Got to be one of Christian Bales finest movies I think.
I usually don't like film with ol' Mr Bale but this was great! The music, clothes and the whole overall 80's theme sold it.
Christian Bale is engaging, especially at the start, but the movie is farcical (disbelief goes beyond not being able to be suspended), the acting and plot become exponentially worse as the movie goes on, and it is on the whole not well pieced together at all - fragmented amateur philosophication, fragmented action, and fragmented attempts at suspense..all failed.
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