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i hate movies like this. not what these cowardly boneheads are really like.
lol. nice bro :P me too.
@DarthxxJew LOL!!! unfortunately it's the good ol' U.S. of A! I wish I could say more, but my comments would just be removed by moderators. they never even happened! We have a very long way to go concerning these issues in this country, I'm sad to say...
Hue, dam* ni*ga, where you live at? Ajax confirmed for being from russia :P
Not nearly as good as everyone makes it out to be. I give it 6/10 only because of Norton's great performance. ...Since we're still not allowed to discuss racial relations honestly in this country, I'll leave it at that...
One of the best movies I´ve ever seen. Classic. Acting, plot, you name it. 9,5/10
i agree 100% it truly was a good movie

Definitely one of the top five films on my list, of all times. 10/10

Very powerful, if a little cheesy at points. Edward Norton is spectacular...and he was HUGE in this movie.
I always thought this movie was about black people and slavery, but now I know finally what it is about. I mean, I could have just read about it, but I do not like reading reviews and summaries before watching a movie myself. I always try to really just form an opinion and view of my own.

Good story, touching, quite fine acting and probably a must-see. I think I've even already seen parts of American History X before, but never the whole story. Great they showed it on TV tonight, because I'd planned on really watching it once anyway.