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Aliens 1986

The planet from Alien (1979) has been colonized, but contact is lost. This time, the rescue team has impressive firepower, but will it be enough...

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Imdb rating: 8.4

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One of my favorite movies growing up :D all the aliens movie are awesome :)
love all aliens-movies
Can't say them or i get deleted :)@ASHakaSID
@ASHakaSID couldn't have said it better myself! ^5 for awesomeness and throughness!
@prometheus426 I know right, because I've watched the movie numerous times and the plot is pretty well perfect. I would explain stuff, but can't because of rules.
Loved this movie! By far one of the best sequels ever! Bill Paxton plays a hilarious character and Sigourney Weaver reprized an amazing role as LT Eileen Ripley. By far an easy 9/10.
@PureVodkaIsAwesome can you explain the plot holes.
that is not the reason people just hate on PVIA whereever he goes proof in a introduction forum and a movie request forum and elsewhere.Watched this movie 3 times some major plot holes@Flicker2013
Wheres my EDIT button Meant (Sequel 1)=(Alien) cheers..
All Solarians can view Everyone's latest thread of comments on the (Right-Side_panel).
So, with that in mind.
My Fellow Solarians Please be careful with your comments.
Always keep in mind that others are perhaps Viewing or have not even seen ("Season 1 Episode 1).
You may accidentally ("ruin the Entire series") for someone when making what you think is a simple comment. A ("non spoiler") to one may equal an ("extreme spoiler") to another. Enjoy The Solar Show Experience. (^_^) Cheers..
Stop yelling????
Stop name calling all against rules!
also u cant talk about Plot details here?
that is why u prob got thumbed down and reported so that is two comments that will be removed. take it to forum.
Great Sequel loved it 11/10
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