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Alex Cross 2012

A homicide detective is pushed to the brink of his moral and physical limits as he tangles with a ferociously skilled serial killer who specializes in torture and pain...

Release Date:
October 19, 2012
101 min
Rob Cohen ...
Rachel Nichols, Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, Edward Burns ...
Mystery, Thriller, Crime ...

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Solar rating: 6.4


Imdb rating: 5.1

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I put off this movie also. I was pleasantly surprised I liked a lot. I think Tyler Perry did a great job. Matthew Fox was very convincing that he was crazy. I love it
I avoided this movie for a long time, finally gave it a
chance, and now I regret it. Everything I assumed about it
was right on. Poor acting, predictable plot, and a story
that would stray way too far from the original Alex Cross
character. The one good thing about the film is the
antagonist, Picasso, played by Matthew Fox. The bad guy made
this movie halfway decent, but i don't understand how the
casting director could get that part right and be so wrong
in casting Tyler Perry as the lead. Not good, but not
all that bad either 5/10
good acting good storyline i love James Patterson his novels are always so descriptive and ideas so original i would really like to see "big bad wolf" and "cat and mouse" in cinema maby a future project =)... any ways i give this movie a 7.5/10 well worth watching.
besides all the bad reviews... i dont think it was that different from any other thriller i've seen recently. I tried to separate the actor from previous roles and looked on objectively since the movie didnt follow the novel which i personally own. Matthew Fox from Lost was fab couldnt believe he could take on such a role. Kudos to Tyler from his traditional dress wearing... depressing a$$ movies that make u wanna jump a cliff. my rating 3/5
Ive Watched This Movie Before Its Really Great
I went into this thinking ...Tyler Perry..Uggg.. and found that I really enjoyed this, I love the Madea movies, but I watched another Tyler Perry Movie and he was not Madea and it was just so so but this gets a deadface 7.2/10 thanks to the linkers and to Solar for sharing the love...I am hard on my reviews but I check this as one to watch.....Good Movie... support the movie industries pay if you can if not go see solar the man...
I aggree wrong actor...barely call him an actor lol
OK movie. Wrong actor in the lead. Stick to your day job Perry. I think if he were dressed as Madea he would have done a better job. The bad guy is not a serial killer, he's a hit man who is into torture. And Det. Dr. Alex Cross, pleeeease. The way he was adressed as Det. Dr. every time to remind you how smart he was or something. I found myself cheering for the bad guy.
I hate the hack actor Tyler Perry, but I'm going to give this movie a whirl. If I don't come out someone throw me a rope.
Another great James Patterson book that is probably written by some kind of super futuristic robot at this point. ;) 7/10!