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Agora 2009

A historical drama set in Roman Egypt, concerning a slave who turns to the rising tide of Christianity in the hopes of pursuing freedom while also falling in love with his master, the famous female philosophy and mathematics professor Hypatia of Alexandria...

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It is different when you are reading the history, seeing it just well, I am lost in words. The acting was wonderful but wow the subject and what was going on at the time. So much hate was involved, in all the religions. The sad thing is the world is still like that today.
Personally, I loved this movie, but I am also a huge fan of Rachel Weisz. Were she not in this movie, I probably would have given it a way lower rating than I did. I would have rated lower, because even though this movie in my opinion does an B- job of portraying the historical facts accurately, it really could have done a lot better. I'm an absolute sucker for accuracy, and I hated the way the ending was done in the movie. The real Hypatia was actually flayed alive in the public square of Alexandria, and I think that by not choosing to end the movie accurately, you take away a lot of her story. In addition, Rachel Weisz is such a talented actress, and it would have been amazing to see her actually fully commit to the scene if given the opportunity. I love that we are now getting to see her showcase her true acting skills (this movie, The Whistleblower, etc) and not have to see her played down in movies like the Mummy, the mummy returns, the mummy craps his gauze,or whatever the rest of them were called. Overall, I'd give this one a 8.0.
Its a ok film what kept me watching was the acting, I had to really try to pick up the plot but worth a watch
The subject of this movie can only be considered original: women and science on the big screen. As ancient Greek -Atenea- and Roman worshiped -Minerva-, science is impersonated in the body of a beautiful and outrageous woman who dares to talk to men as equal, even in their "territory"

The movie is made of evil characters and calm characters that oblige the audience to become part of the plot on one side or the other: the point is that what we nowadays would consider 'good' are not really the ones to follow.

I would just reommend it.
Genial Almenabar
Agora that's a great movie,
(Random Thoughts About AGORA)

I love Alejandro Amenabar. Here's a man who knows that cinema is a medium of intellectual sharing as much as it is an art and a form of entertainment. From the existential dilemmas in "Open Your Eyes" (which was deformed into the shape of Vanilla Sky), to the idea of fear of the unknown in "The Others", to the right of living, or dying, in "The Sea Inside", it is clear that Amenabar is, like his movies, as much an artist as he is a thinker.

On the surface, AGORA is the story of Hypatia, the philosopher who chose to see the world through her own mind. The woman who refused to "inherit" religion as a means of finding an (rather simplistic) answer to our existence and the world around us. But this is not your typical "woman against the world" film. Yes, it tackles issues like sexism, atheism, and existentialism, but on the backdrop of the dawn of Christianity in Egypt.

The narrow-minded viewer might find it offensive, but reality is never easy to accept. Let me get this straight: I was borne a Muslim but I chose to be an agnostic, so this "review" represents my unbiased opinion. AGORA, despite everything mentioned before, is a story about the incredible destructive capabilities of religion and extremism. Aren't we seeing this today in the form of deformed and manipulated Islam? Aren't we living wars and seeing millions of people being killed because of religion(s)? Isn't most Muslim and Christian and Jewish people thinking: my religion rules? AGORA reminded me of how sad our world is, and how much more beautiful a world it could be if we chose to LIVE the wonder, the miracle that is life, and see it and learn about it through our own intellectual observation rather than inherit some "pre-set" rules written by religion.

Fans of violent historical epics who want to see blood and guts will have it aplenty here. But it is not "gore porn". It serves a higher purpose when you see people dying just because they can't agree to disagree. When they chose arms and blades instead of communication and dialogue. It's so sad, yet so true, and we live it on a daily basis in our times. And yet we do nothing, but watch.

Rachel Weisz dazzles as Hypatia, in an understated, brilliant personification of a woman who stayed true to her believes all the way through the changing times, and followed her heart and mind. Max Manghella is a talent to watch, as her love-struck slave. In all, everyone in the cast did a great job.

AGORA is a love story; and a thinker's movie that is also flawed as it struggles sometimes to find focus and a solid story arc to follow. Its only problem is that it has way too many ideas trying to breath into the screen (and the viewer) within only 2 hours (that fly by). But it's a movie that I respected more than I loved. And that, in itself, is a grand achievement for all involved. See it, and talk about it with your friends. It's visually striking; thought stimulating and thoroughly entertaining. A combination only the likes of Amenabar can handle.
One of the best spanish movies.
Am an Arabic and from KUWAIT, AGORA is an epic. if you want to see a perfect story, history tell, acting, diracting, scenario and all ... you must see this movie.
The film is truly interesting, intelligent, well-conceived, and designed to irk a few people, who like the film protagonist states, "can't question the words of some people." Weisz truly inhabits the role as the loving, caring, and intelligent woman who believes in observing, learning, and saving important documents for the future generations, and much later, believes this might just be a more difficult task to carry out. Directed with the same intelligence and complexity he demonstrated in "The Others" and "Sea Inside", "Agora" is loaded with much material that might be too controversial for some. It exposes how dogma is created and manipulated. It tries to balance politics with personal drama, and how sometimes compromises are reached, with the respective parties' personal agendas being more important than faith itself. It also shows how the mobs are desperate to embrace the promise of something better, and how the ruling parties sometimes are ignorant of what's brewing right in front of their faces.

"Agora" doesn't canonize anyone. It exposes various points of views, and it shows how easy it is for empires to crumble, when the right personality is willing to step in and take chances to manipulate the populace. It is truly scary as we see some intelligent individuals give in, seeing in their eyes, that survival might more important than fighting injustice and pure greed for power, especially when the numbers are skewed. There are a couple of moments in this film when you can't help but shake with anger as injustices are happening in front of us and we can't make a move to correct the situation. Unlike what I have seen in a couple of reviews, I think the performances here are truly interesting and very charismatic, in particular Weisz, as the very intelligent philosopher who can't believe what she is witnessing and never surrenders her integrity, even when she is posed with a very good offer who would have allowed her at least the opportunity to buy some time. The rest of the cast is almost as good, as each man in her life shows a different side of human nature and through their own interpretation and appreciation of her powerful presence, show that she is indeed a remarkable force.

In addition to the important themes we see throughout the film, we are dealing with an epic, a film unlike the big spectacles of the 50's and 60's, except this one has very strong foundations, but it's impossible not to be awed by the recreation of a long, lost era, as we see some of the marvels of the ancient world, some truly accurate costumes, and some impressive art direction. Here is a world that has been rendered for us, and it appears alive, real, detached for the classic interpretations done in the past, where we saw too much of contemporary influences in lighting, make up, and costuming. The look of "Agora" is more faithful to the ancient statues, drawings, and mosaics that we find in museums. The research seems to be based at least in various reliable sources, and the marvels of CGI are not getting in the way of the acting and the essence of the film.

All the fighting does, however, is cause death and destruction, setting mankind back centuries in progress and education. We can't know for sure if Hypatia was on the verge of such scientific theories that far back, but the point definitely comes across. Amen