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@D.Rose Lame is an understatement.The Americans could use this to torture prisoners on Guantanamo.
i actually really liked it. 8/10
this movie was disappointing i thought it would be better, lame.
I liked this movie, I didn't look at the reviews. I don't really care what others think of a movie its up to me.
Haha Jaden is like Tarzan trying to survive the in the forest.
I really enjoyed this movie... Almost didn't watch it because of the bad reviews but I am glad I did, I was pleasantly surprised !!!
Dont waist an hour and a half of your life on this crappy movie. there's a reason it was only in theaters a week
The critics just wanted to tear down this movie for whatever reason, most likely because it starred father and son, like @mosredrum said... It was no better or worse than many oscar-nominated movies.
I enjoyed it for what it was worth!
not bad, one knows from the time of the crash that the young ranger will pull through and save the day, liked the skydive and the Big Bird
awesome movie, i could watch it over and over. 8/10
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