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, Good movie. Jim Carrey is so funny.

jim is the best.....

this is stupid.

Ace Ventura was a breakout film for Jim Carrey. If you are going in expecting anything other than a goofy Carrey role, then you are not going to enjoy it. It is not a great movie but Carrey makes it incredible with facial expressions and some hilarious scenes.
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Way too inane, Jim Carrey's comic style is a matter of taste. There are some funny bits but too much of it is just stupid. Only for fans of the star. The sequel is better.
jim carrey comes to life in this funny comedy that has alot more fans then critics. the story is nothing more then an excuse to unleash jim carrey's insane creation. hilarious with a fine supporting cast which never gets flat
Hilarious. Jim Carrey is simply hilarious. I laughed so hard.

This was my first introduction to Jim Carrey and I have not looked back since. Roger Ebert said that this film is "for children. Very small children", which only goes to prove that taste is like an asshole, everyone has their own.
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