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@sebash07 that's true , I like both of them
This is hilarious & ya can't help but laugh at Jim's facial
expressions~they say it all.BEST movie of Jim Carrey's I must
say so.......#2 is hilarious also~NEVER get tired of them :)
one of my favorite Jim Carrey movies love it

jim is the best.....

this is stupid.

Ace Ventura was a breakout film for Jim Carrey. If you are going in expecting anything other than a goofy Carrey role, then you are not going to enjoy it. It is not a great movie but Carrey makes it incredible with facial expressions and some hilarious scenes.
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Way too inane, Jim Carrey's comic style is a matter of taste. There are some funny bits but too much of it is just stupid. Only for fans of the star. The sequel is better.
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