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A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas 2011

Six years after their Guantanamo Bay adventure, stoner buds Harold Lee and Kumar Patel cause a holiday fracas by inadvertently burning down Harold's father-in-law's prize Christmas tree...

Release Date:
November 4, 2011
90 min
Todd Strauss-Schulson ...
Kal Penn, John Hoogenakker, Danny Trejo, RZA, Da'Vone McDonald, Richard Riehle, Elias Koteas, Danielle McKee, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Patton Oswalt, Neil Patrick Harris, David Krumholtz, Bobby Lee, John Cho, Thomas Lennon, Tyler Nelson, Steven Clark, Robert Herrick, Jake Johnson, Steven Hauptman, Danneel Ackles, Jessica Provencher, Dan Levy, Paula Garcés, Alex Diaz, Ripper Brown, Melissa Ordway, Yasen Peyankov, Austin Bickel, Eric Tuchelske, Fred Melamed, Banzai Vitale, Brett Gelman, Jordan Hinson, Hilary Anderson, Inga R. Wilson, Shirley Benyas, Dave Davies, Ron Causey, Apollo Bacala, Amanda Wright, Chameria Law, Tiffany Osborne, Sabrina Dungan, Adam DeFilippi, David Burtka, Jodi Gabrielle Beals, Kandis Mak, David Wogh, April Canning, Evan Mann, Dana DeLorenzo, Marcus Natividad, Amir Blumenfeld, Judy Stepanian, Tiffany Stone, Jeffrey Sill, Tom Kruszewski, Chernise Yvette, Allyson Lengers, Bennett Saltzman, David Geister, Gabriel Anderson, Tristan Canning, Alexa Smith, James A Brandon, Cassie Keller, Demi Kazanis, Isabella Gielniak, Jeff Edwards, Arnold Agee, Marvin Cruz, Esteban Andres Cruz, Ashley Coss, Chloe Coss, Hannah Coss, David Rife, Gabriella Dilone, Melody Teodoro-Kurtis, Ralph H. Meyer, Krystal Katz, Esteban Andres Cruz, Kelly Kirstein, Shirley Benyas, Tyler Nelson, Steven Clark, Hilary Anderson, Alex Diaz, Gareth Reynolds, Eric Kissack, Florence Vinger ...
Comedy ...

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Imdb rating: 6.3

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They just don't make movies like this anymore. Oh wait, they never made movies like this which is too bad because it was freaking awesome! It had some scenes that literally made me laugh out loud.
This has everything in it. I said that to a friend and she went: "Do they have mexicans in it?"
me: "There is Danny Trejo?"
That apart, there is like everything in it, and it is so much fun. You name it, you got it (ok maybe not every every thing, but still this movie has a lot to offer).
Not a bad christmas stoner film. I had waited a whole year for this film to become available once it was I couldn't resist!!!!!!!;']

i don't have the glasses..

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