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A Thousand Words 2012

After stretching the truth on a deal with a spiritual guru, literary agent Jack McCall finds a Bodhi tree on his property. Its appearance holds a valuable lesson on the consequences of every word we speak...

Release Date:
March 9, 2012
91 min
Brian Robbins ...
Leonard Earl Howze, Gary Sievers, Kerry Washington, Lennie Loftin, Matt Winston, Justina Machado, John Robert, Eric Shackelford, Allison Janney, Hans Raith, Brian Gallivan, Tracy Mulholland, Ajay Mehta, Tony Aaron II, John Bailey, Philip Pavel, Brad Everett Young, Kayla Blake, Phil Reeves, Eddie Murphy, Ariel Winter, Jeff Kahn, Shelly Desai, Floyd Levine, Brian R. Norris, Cliff Curtis, Sara Holden, Rakefet Abergel, Yoni Tabac, Tina King, Katheryn Cain, Landon Ashworth, Clark Duke, Ruby Dee, John Witherspoon, Terence Bernie Hines, Greg Collins, Skip Crank, Jackie Geary, David Burke, Steven M. Gagnon, Loretta Fox, Eshaya Draper, Delbert Shoopman, Steve Little, John Gatins, Miles Robbins, Alan Gray, Gina Fricchione, Shavon Kirksey, Darcy Rose Byrnes, Shawn Parikh, Danielle Cooper, Thierry Segall, Jordan-Claire Green, Terricka Hudson, Winston J. Rocha, Ben Tolpin, Renee Darmiento, Brett Hunt, Jack McBrayer, Raquel Bell, Marcus Lindsey, Janine Edwards, Justin Robbins, Phaedra Nielson, Mallory Low, Lu Johnson, Alain Chabat, Robson Vieira, Lanny Joon, Jillian Johnston, Michela Lansing, Bunny Levine, Rossie Cottrell, Klaudia Ann Jaworski, Teresa Ousley, Sarah Scott Davis, Jill Basey, Toni Staniewicz, Emily A. Burton, Edi Patterson, Jane Bartelme, Adalia Braydon, Mitchell Fink, Madison Leisle, Lou Saliba, Andy B. Dardaine, Ariel Felix, Daniel Hepner, K. Harrison Sweeney, Jacob Newton, Joelle ten Damme, Rob Evors, Kamala Jones, Aaron Michael McElligott, Bethany Dwyer, Matthew Thane, Jonathon Forrester, Justin Orton, Amanda Musso, Shannon Hazlett, Ariella Lauren, Lyndsey Nelson, Alycia Grant, Kim Chanel, Robert LeQuang, Eric Archibald, Brad Keimach, Jesse Bolonatha Hansen, Daniel Saltos, Noel Courteblenche, Devin Agrahart, Justin Agrahart, Lauren Schuchman, Karolina Szamfeber, David Burke, Emanuel Ragsdale, Michael G. Wilkinson, Michael Cody Gilbert, Dilip Jha, Jorge A. Alvarez, Ted Kennedy, Patrick McSherry, Zachary Junt, Mark E. Clason ...
Drama, Comedy, Romance ...

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Solar rating: 7.6


Imdb rating: 5.9

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eddie murphy is really good in comedy.soft comedy movie.
thanks to GOD i dnt have limited words..
This is a light, funny( in a not over the top kind of way), feel good movie but with a strong message! I really liked it so I would recommend watching it :-)
Enjoy. Looks like a good movie.

A movie that is more than the title says...literally. It makes you stop, take a look at life, and think what your next spoken words really mean. Definitely one of Eddie Murphy's best roles in recent years; something he needed for his career, but no offense intended. I recommend that anyone and everyone give this movie a passing glance if you don't watch it. I guarantee that you'll learn that just like a good book, you will see that the first five minutes, like that of the last five pages will keep your interest piqued and your knowledge expanding. Hope everyone enjoys the movie, learns a lesson, and treasures silence to listen to the world around them. {Review done courtesy of Dragon_X2006 at hotmail dot com; feel free to email me your thoughts on this movie as well if you want.}

wait like 2min and the becomes clear, thanks for uploading; great movie !!

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