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good movie, r.i.p heath ledger
Yeah I loved this movie so much, but it's actually hard for me to watch anything with Heath Ledger in it it, just kind of makes me sad to think he's not here anymore being so young and all... But I will definitely recommend watching it!
8.5/10 because it made me feel so good when watching it.
GREAT MOVIE!! Nice Love story!! 8/10
This movie is a tribute to a great actor that was lost before his time ...
Sad i can't watch a movie with Heath without sobbing cause hes is dearly departed. even though its been 5 years now
Great fun.

Paul Bettany stole the show !
This is a very entertaing movie that seems very modern for a movie set back in the medevil period. That's probably the only thing I had a problem with. I didn't like that modern feel to a medevil tale even though it was still pretty entertaining. The action scenes are fresh and unlike anything you have ever seen in a movie, which is definatly a good thing.
Best in Show: Paul Bettany
One for the future: Paul Bettany
Stand-out scene: Footbal chants in pub
Brainer or no-brainer: No brainer
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: Repeated
DVD commentary any good?: With Bettany and director Brian Helgeland - entertaining.

Harmless, zingingly-scripted and bouyant but ultimately ringing rather hollow, A Knight's Tale is entertaining enough. What I did find annoying about it was that despite this being a PG-13 (and not a U), many plot points were painfully S-P-E-L-L-E-D O-U-T, which somewhat treats the target audience as imbeciles. Set in Medieval Europe, the use of classic rock from the last thirty years ago somehow fits rather well (despite resurrecting unwelcome memories of the awful Plunkett and Maclaine). Geoffrey Chaucer's knight-themed Canterbury Tale was the jumping off point for the story (multi-hyphenate Brian Helgeland directed and wrote this movie) and it's the story of peasant lad William Thatcher (Heath Ledger) who assumes the guise of a knight in order to compete in jousting tournaments. Some of the more obvious plot developments will have you groaning at their shameless crassness, seemingly ripped straight from a low-rent fairytale compendium. Indeed thinking about it, this could be a live-action remake of a cartoon what with the comedy sidekicks and black knights and white knights it features. Reading that back, it sounds like I didn't enjoy this film, but sometimes it's good to switch your brain off and watch an undemanding movie. Better this than some plotless special effect movie in search of a story and the presence of Paul Bettany alone makes this worth watching. Something of a box office smash in the UK, its European sensibility may explain the painfully detailed explanations that dumb the movie down. I particularly enjoyed the Czechoslavakian location being made painfully obvious by the chanting of the name William with a V sound for the intital. Worth watching but not fit to lick the boots of The Princess Bride.

A Knight's Tale (2001)

I actually saw this back when I was a senior in high school on the last week of classes. I probably never would have seen it otherwise. It was a good movie. It's a good family movie and has stuff for everyone. It's part chick flick, part comedy, part action so it has it all. I always thought the soundtrack was the best part of the movie, especially since it's out of place with rock music back in the Medieval times.
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