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Outa all the movies that come online, i thought this wouldnt went up fairly quicky. But no luck....
I dont think this is ever going be uploaded in english online, ive searched and searched everywhere everyday with no luck. Lookin like its going be a couple of weeks at this rate.....
I think all you have to do is drink alot of vodka and it wont matter what language it is .........buuuurrrrrpppp
mother russia
@deadface HAHAH u r probably right.
FYI: I reported all 3 links vidxden, vidbux,clicktoview, all are Russian. Cheers
Not in English. Russian Audio
@Kikisan link is not in english.
dont know about this one tho, thk it was genally release everywhere same time, was out here on Thrusday.....
yea its always out in other countries first I think its a marketing ploy lol.
Hopefully coming soon, have found Russian and Italian, whys it always in another language first.....
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