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The trailer is of a video game app. Had to youtube the trailer. :\
Just finished the film, not the best entry into the franchise but it wasn't bad either. After 26 plus years this franchise still delivers what it's supposed to a good vs bad guy shoot'em up flick. Movie is a solid 8/10 for me.
I wanted to like this flick, but it is hard to tell whether the movie has any merit when half of it is in Russian and there are no subtitles. I checked multiple links, but all seemed to be the same.
If anyone can point to a link with subs that would be appreciated.
Maybe someday there will be a fuller version.
OH YEAH!! Im having a grand day watching all these AwESoMe movies ... The older Bruce gets the more I like him!!! I wonder what the cost was for all the crash'em ups?? Great action/thiller ride going on here ...
i just came home to watch this after a talk w/ a buddy n i got to min:sec 7:50 and saw the look on his face and now i can't stop laughing. carried on to 13.45 and saw the the look that will never take this guy serious ever again. lol 10/10
Another "bang, bang, shot, and blow 'em up." Darkly funny and generally fast paced. Feeds into the, Bruce Willis, Die Hard, genre.
friendly advice for those who didn't watch this movie yet-skip it!My apology goes to those who made effort posting links I appreciate it
What? you don't speak and understand every language on the planet Earth? I agree with you it is kind of annoying the problem is now that you complained about the people uploading the video's will now put caption on everything
As A stand alone movie it really falls falt in most categories. The Die Hard series has been one of the elite, until now. The movie is overall, boring with a weak plot and bad character development. 3/10.
Wonder why this film was made... there is no plot... not really. The dialogue is kinda frail, but there’s loads of clatter and obliteration, if that’s something you’re after. If the next one that gets made has the name like: ‘Die For Real-Retirement Home Edition’- might watch it just to see how it ends. 4/10.
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