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A Beautiful Mind 2001

After a brilliant but asocial mathematician accepts secret work in cryptography, his life takes a turn for the nightmarish...

Release Date:
January 4, 2002
135 min
Ron Howard ...
Josh Pais, Christopher Plummer, John H. Tobin, Rance Howard, Josh Lucas, Stelio Savante, Adam Goldberg, Tanya Clarke, Isadore Rosenfeld, Judd Hirsch, Sean Dillon, Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Myers, Teagle F. Bougere, James Thomas Bligh, Roy Thinnes, Ed Harris, Charles McClelland, Jennifer Connelly, Brian Smyj, Russell Crowe, Jane Jenkins, Cheryl Howard, Ron Howard, Ed Jupp Jr., Douglas Taurel, Paul Bettany, Austin Pendleton, Jason Gray-Stanford, Evan Hart, Anthony Rapp, Jeffrey Christopher Todd, Michael C. Pierce, Reggie Austin, Fabrizio Fante, Jon M. McDonnell, Todd Fredericks, Eva Burkley, Alex Toma, Charles Pendelton, Vivien Cardone, Ryan Tygh, Sean Bennett, Rich Bryant, Jonah Falcon, Dory Manzour, Dan Chen, Ned Stuart, Sean Reid, Fileena Bahris, Victor Steinbach, Jillie Simon, Thomas F. Walsh, Jesse Doran, Kent Cassella, Patrick Blindauer, John Blaylock, Anthony Easton, Darius Stone, Valentina Cardinalli, David B. Allen, Michael Esper, Amy Walz, Tracey Toomey, Jennifer Weedon, Yvonne Thomas, Holly Pitrago, Tommy Allen, Dave Bayer, Brian Keith Lewis, Tom McNutt, Will Dunham, Glenn Roberts, Christopher Stockton, Gregory Dress, Carla Occhiogrosso, Matt Samson, Lyena Nomura, Kathleen Fellegara, Betsy Klompus, Logan McCall, Bob Broder, Lloyd Baskin, Cade Bittner, Scott Addison Clay, Berly Ellis, Scott Fernstrom, Michael Fiore, Mike Fitzgerald, Gregory Gordon, Jason Horton, Reed Penney, Mills Pierre, Dave Sweeney, Alessandro Tanaka, Erik Van Wyck, Warner Wolf, Michael Abbott Jr., Liche Ariza, Phil Cirincione, Vivian Kalinov, Tiffany Marz ...
Drama, Biography ...

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Imdb rating: 8.2

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Wow forgot all about this beautiful movie.
If you havent seen it yet it a must 10/20 :)
This is a very Great movie ! You all must watch :3
This movie makes me want to get up and start writing math problems on my windows… but i don't think 2X2=4 will do any justice to the crow that is russel. Not many movies can keep me, someone with ADD, interested and well this just hit a home run..not to mention it's somewhat of a biography. Beautiful mind you were beautifully put together.
I forgot how amazingly well put together this movie is haven't seen it in years really great story and all the actors fit their roles so perfectly. I would recommend this movie to anyone that hasn't yet seen it well worth the watch 10/10.

Truly, the most powerful, the most touching and the most inspiring movie I have ever seen and most likely will ever see.
An absolute work of genius, excellent.

I dare say if i was a mathamatics genius then i probably would have understood this a little better. But all in all very powerful acting from Russel Crowe & and Jennifer Connelly.

A Beautiful mind is definitely one of my favorite movies, and has one of the best movie soundtracks of all time. For this movie, the music definitely did it for me. The combination of the emotional life of John Nash and the emotional music of James Horner make this movie an instant classic. Throughout the movie I was moved by seeing what a severe case of schizophrenia might reflect, it definitely got me thinking. It's hard to rate this movie based on story because it's based off a true story, but one of the few things I didn't like was how the pace of the movie changed so dramatically. Most of the movie takes place over the course of a couple months, but then towards the end I felt like the pace was challenged when it skipped from a a couple ten years. I felt like the movie was on a severe time crunch, and it lost its astounding momentum. I also felt that the beginning was slightly weaker but got better as the movie went on. So all in all I believe this movie was VERY close from being one of the best movies of all time (sure it is one of my favorites, but it still has it's problems). A Beautiful Soundtrack, A Beautiful Cast, A Beautiful Direction, if those small problems weren't there this movie would be a near perfection.
La conmovedora historia de un hombre que mas que un lunatico es un genio con grandes espectativas de si mismo recorriendo desde la universida, sus a
The film giggles where it shouldn't, thus infuriating the intellect, but some remarkable acting and an ultimately divine reflection on reality lead it to great heights. While it can always be argued that there is far too much of a simplicity, far too much of a primitiveness in its making, it should also be remembered that it is a good old Hollywood film, full of sentimental adages and important observations.
And ofcourse, Russell Crowe, in his absolute prime, to boot.
This is the first time I've seen A Beautiful Mind, but I feel like I've seen it countless times. It's just so... bland and ordinary, and so caught up in its traditional Hollywood style that it lacks any daring. The final third is also extremely fake and unbelievable.
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