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Im going to post a commment every time i rewatched this masterpiece this is the 2nd time
one of my fav movies. Based and true events of the rapper himself making it big for himself.
very very intresting movie i love it seriously u guys also watch it
Love this movie so much
Man I forgot how good this was! Brittany Murphy is so stunning (makes me want to watch Spun now) and I couldn't get over how much Kim Bassinger sounded like Sooki Stackhouse lol. This movie never gets old
Inspiring movie.
It's ok, I like Get Rich Or Die Trying better tho.

Not usually my kind of music.

I like the story for the film, I like Eminem's sound.
The film itself has been Directed, produced & put together very well, 8/10 easily.


this was a horrible movie! MARSHALL MATHERS... YOU ARE A HHWHITEY!!! stop pretending.. and Kim Basinger.. is it Bay-zinger, Bass-inger? honestly.