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It doesn't appear to be anything special, but this was a great film. :)
Such a amazing movie. Loved it! 9/10
50% Serious / 50% Comedy
100% Entertaining
I watched this a while back and i have to watch it again, such a great movie.
A real heart felt and moving performance from Levitt, covers the tearjerker's and comedy effortlessly.
I would recommend this to anyone who may be struggling, it inspired me to positivity no matter whether it's cancer or some equally life changing illness !!! 9/10
I found it a little slow, I fell asleep.. but I was tired so maybe that's why i fell asleep. anyway, it was ok for me, but I wouldn't watch it again. I don't know why is it labeled 'comedy'. Is there a definition I'm missing? A good drama though...
I loved this movie, it was really really good, I agree with the person below me, 9/10. However, the cover had quotes claiming it would make me laugh all the way through it, and I literally didn't once. More of a drama than a comedy.

i am sorry !

That's the biggest spoiler of the story ya butt! :(
I love PLL though... but that was a really stupid comment to make.

Great movie, makes you really think about your own life...

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