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i loved it. i think keanu reeves is a great actor especially in movies like this. man of tai chi was great also, if u have not seen it i recommend you watch it.
I thought this was a mystical or supernatural movie but it was more of a love story. Not bad but too low for action. Wonder why Keanu is more into this Japanese things
nice movie, can watch only one time.
Not bad, I wished he used his dark powers more though.
I like this movie a lot.I couldn't recommend it more.It's one I will buy and that doesn't happen very often.Idk why this didn't get more recognition but that's Hollywood for ya.I think the acting was brilliant and Keanu was darn good.Personally I'd rather watch him then some other action stars that get way more acclaim than they should.If you haven't seen it yet do yourself a favor and watch it.
The hell with IMDB, I give this flick 8.5/10
Why did the critics slate this movie? It was well worth watching...the same as the John Carter movie.
Just shows it is who you know in the film industry as to if you get a good review or not.
I watched Gravity after reading it was so brilliant and it was complete and utter twaddle.
This was very good!
cant believe it took me so long to watch this. this is one of the best movies I've ever seen as far as samurai movies go.
phenomenal, I really am out of words. some movies are just that good. the movie's plot and twist are really amazing. RECOMMENDED TO EVERYONE :)If T.J approves it... THEN IT IS WORTHY EVERY SECOND OF IT.
Really good movie !!
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