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42 2013

The story of Jackie Robinson from his signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers organization in 1945 to his historic 1947 rookie season when he broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball...

Release Date:
April 12, 2013
128 min
Brian Helgeland ...
Monnae Michaell, Joe Inscoe, Matt Clark, Harrison Ford, Christopher Meloni, Jackson Walker, Tim Ware, Rhoda Griffis, Danny Vinson, John C. McGinley, Peter Jurasik, Alan Tudyk, Joe Knezevich, Max Gail, Eric Mendenhall, Charles Parnell, Lucas Black, Thomas Helgeland, Brett Cullen, Henry G. Sanders, Jon Kohler, Cherise Boothe, Nicole Beharie, Chadwick Boseman, Hamish Linklater, David Stanbra, James Pickens Jr., Mark Harelik, Cullen Moss, Michael L. Nesbitt, Peter Mackenzie, Ryan Merriman, Marc Gowan, Kenny Cook, Ron Prather, André Holland, Colman Domingo, Tony Vaughn, Michael H. Cole, Toby Huss, Gino Anthony Pesi, Andrew R. Kaplan, Lou Criscuolo, Brad Beyer, Neko Parham, Jud Tylor, Nathan Sikes, John Collier, Dax Griffin, Anthony B. Harris, Joan Farrell, Tonia Morris, Andrew Rush, Jayson Warner Smith, Frank Brennan, James Harvley, Rob Crowe, Walter Hendrix III, Christopher Harvey, Alexander Karim, Richard Tavernaro, T.R. Knight, Derek Phillips, Michael Fortune, Nickolas Wolf, Dan Mengini, Marvin E. West, Jermaine Thomas, Holden Hansen, Jack Landry, Donterrius Ruff, Jesse Luken, Maury Covington, Ari Blinder, Aaron Farb, Anthony S. Goolsby, Karole Foreman, Kelley Jakle, Todd Maynor, Dusan Brown, Ian Stylezz, Chance Bartels, Gerald Duckworth, Linc Hand, David Sweeney, Denise Pereira Santos, Jonathan Payton, Wayne Webb, Harley Shellhammer, Matthew Lyda, Kacie Jo Marta Nickles, Loren L. Baker, Scott Ledbetter, Dave Moro, Michael J. Walker, Jerrad Vunovich, Joe W. Lacey, William Flaman, Jim Gunter, Abigail Jackson, Debi Kimsey, Gary Miller, Emily Marie Palmer, Chuck Clark, Miranda-Lynn Gartin, Bilan Walker, Jamey Holliday, Jamie Ruehling, Blake Sanders, Johnny Knight, Clint O'Brien, Friedel Pinkston, C.J. Nitkowski, Scott Callaway, James Rackley, Ross Hughes, Daniel Fenlon, Henry Friedman, Denise Moyé, Janet Metzger, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Tobias Michael Finn, Ercell A. Grimes Jr., Dwight Houser, Barry Suttle, Andrew B. Roberts, Jimmie L. Coleman, Steve Hicks, Wayne Hickey, Andrew C. Mullins, Dennis A. Spears, Todd Wilson, David Thoms, Hunter Clowdus, Tucker Allen, Chance Beam, Matthew Brooks, Chad Cannon, Tom Capallo, Nate Chancey, Kyle Cyprysiak, Brett Denney, Barry Fowler, Andrew Ginther, Jeremy Hazen, Chris Henegar, Austin Hester, Matthew Hill, Daniel Howard, Matthew Hubbard, Chad Johnson, Brandon Kersey, Luke Large, Brian Lauderdale, Keith Law, Ben Loderhose, Mitchell McBee, Kirklan Moore, Marc Nellist, Andrew Paul, Darren Radcliff, Danny Sawyer, Jake Sharrock, Jack Stewart, Justin Willingham, Jeremy Bales, Melissa Bender, Tyler Bilyeu, Valin Brenwen, Betsey Brindger, Sean Buxton, Jennifer Cocker, Courtney Rose Collins, Jarrod Cuthrell, David Dillon, Nicole Dukes, Drake Fenlon, Jackson Flowers, Daniel Gale, Benjamin C. Graham, Michael Keating, Marc-Henry Lazarre, Juan Martel, Trey McGriff, Kurtis Montgomery, Michele Nichols, Sean Nix, Amanda Pasierbowicz, Dena Rivera, Ben Smith, Curry Stone, Joseph Wesolowski, Becky Boyd, Moses J. Moseley, Mark Houser, Zarha Sandy ...
Drama, Biography, Sport ...

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Imdb rating: 7.5

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i didn't think i would like this movie honestly, however... i guess i really did.. i found it really enjoyable.
This movie sucked. Big time. Jackie Robinson was before my time but I've seen plenty of film on him. There was absolutely nothing about whats-his-name that reminded me of the real person.
Also, Red Barber might as well not have been in there, and he was a very cool and important part of the real story.
And let's face it, Harrison Ford did a lame Branch Rickey. And a lot of Rickey's backstory was left out or underplayed.
You make a movie like this to go beyond the emotional content provided by a documentary. Across the board, this movie failed to do that for me. 3/10
Loved this Movie!!
So glad i stopped ignoring
it as browsed through the dramas!
Great Movie. Now one of my favourites
10 fantastic movie
Really good movie !!! 9/10
This was great I loved It !
This movie was incredible. It showed how adversity could fuel a movement. That you don't have to accept how things are if you are willing to not back down for a change to occur.
awesome movie..i enjoyed it a lot and would recommend it to anyone be they a fan of baseball or not.
such a good movie i had to watch it again
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