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Weak story and sub-par acting. Not sure what they were going for here but it fell flat.
I had actually watched this one last year before I understood how the rating system worked. I liked it myself. Those who do not like this type of movie might not.
@BrickTop Yea Apocalypto Is a great movie & yes very similar to 10.000Bc i love these type of befor our time line type of movies the real deal survivalist :)
I could almost say Apocalypto is close to oldie but goodie :)
@ORGANiCGM We seem to be the minority when it comes to liking this film because I thought it was excellent as well.. It was well directed, had great CGI & had a really good story line so I don't know what the members of iMDB saw that I didn't see to rate it a 5.0 it kinda reminds me of the film Apocalypto (Directed by Mel Gibson) so if you liked this you'll LOVE Apocalypto
I think this was is great entertainment.
8.5/10 Must watch :)
@Misabel13 Im glad i dident smoke whatever your smoking hehe
@Cubroncs03 Im glad i dident smoke whatever your smoking hehe
@Cubroncs03 lol
Beyond disappointing. Weak story, generally weak acting. Too many pieces that make no sense (they walk from the Urals in Russia to Africa in about a week...).
it sure looks purty.
Another modern movie that has little substance and tons of 'razzle dazzle'.
I almost walked out of the cinema when watching this movie- and regret I ended up finishing watching it. I thought it was terrible. 3/10 and the 3 is because it was pretty- but such a bad bad script/ acting etc.
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