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March 2, 2011, 9:50 am

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turned it back on (6 days ago) please PM me their logins, page address they try to use to login, their country, device name, OS and browser name and version, do they use proxy? as much info as u can get. thanks (7 days ago) button is there supported browsers are FF, Chrome, Safari and IE, on PC and Mac. Solarmovie does not have spanish version or "Opps need to creat an account to watch film" anywhere, so that issue should not be discussed in this thread. (10 days ago) you mean we should add auto-suggest to wl or show tiles or ... that will not work until we add hierarchy to comment lists. (18 days ago) first episode is very boring. kind of big disappointment considering relation to breaking bad. is 2nd episode better? (21 days ago)
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