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March 2, 2011, 9:50 am

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we are not trying to be the very first site to have latest episodes. having cable or downloading a torrent will be much faster than any site if thats your priority. not only thorough but clean and accessible info is ours. (2 days ago) you may put whatever links your want as long as you understand the difference between occasionally sharing a link and linking as daily and profitable activity. you being doing this. most of the uploaders dont find it necessary. mods have enough of stuff to do and looking for someones mess to clean is not the best way to spend their precious time that is strange. you asking me questions but sending links to them. a lot have been already written about it. read comments above. Im sure we have something like "everything soa" thread where you can easily put it. if you feel like we need dedicated forums for some shows or movies just ask and we'll think about it. then specials could go into dedicated thread there btw I dont see any posts with missing info (2 days ago) we have a review as a special type of a comment in plans. but it does not change what comment section is for. for comments. you may say whatever you want as long as it is related to a movie, has a bit of sense and does not look like a brawl or a multipage dialogue with someone else. @literati (3 days ago) we had those lists feature long time before it appeared on imdb but unfortunatelly for the lack of time had to postpone, like many others, but still hoping to introduce it this year (3 days ago) +1 and imho even better option. in-ear would allow to move your head on a pillow. and as most streams here are like 128k mp3 something cheap would suffice. @dopilus (4 days ago)