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March 2, 2011, 9:50 am

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@pimpslapper as I have already said here please clear your browser's cache to get proper redirection or better just dont go anywhere but to solarmovie.is. and yes there are multiple replicas of our site, some with current, some with old design. no hacks, just content copy. we have nothing to do with those. be careful. (11 hours ago) spent half an hour to make the list but I have to surrender. only my favorites from Schwarzenegger make 10 lines (1 day ago) how is it possible to produce something like this in 21 century? absolutely worst of all Syfy shows this year (1 day ago) @JMPesce it should not, clear you browser cache if you want it to redirect properly (3 days ago) @HDMOVlES we dont need just everyone to upload something here. I'll do my best to leave only the best. (5 days ago)