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June 19, 2012, 8:19 pm

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Is it like "I Robot" ? (4 days ago) Oh my ! that was outstanding ! It really keep going better and better ! It never let you be bored ! Great great show ! (1 month ago) Yey ! It was awesome ! Okay, it's a teen serie. But nevermind! I like how they are talking about the difficulty in nowadays life. And mostly how we define our sexual gender. (1 month ago) OH wow ! I nearly forgot about this one !! I really liked the first season ! Hope season two won't let us down ! (1 month ago) It was nice. But I didn't undersand all of it...Maybe the book explain it better. I like their playing skills. So I had a great time ! I waited for so long ! 8/10 (1 month ago)
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