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June 19, 2012, 8:19 pm

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Wow for me too ! But I liked it ! Okay, it was violent, but the story is so great ! And the ambiance, the music...It make me think of the anime "paranoia agent". (23 hours ago) The pilot is quite intetresting. But, it might be "Highlander" all over again...I will follow this one (2 days ago) I'm dying to see Dylan O'Brien in another film ! He play really well ! (5 days ago) @dopilus , Oh well yeah, at first there is just a werewolf, and then it's not just one, but there are others creatures that appear along the way, that I let you discover... Really, it's more and more interesting ! (5 days ago)
Thread movie request
Hi there ! I was wondering if some links could be found for the movie "Jimmy's Hall". It's a film from Ken Loach, who also made the beautiful film untitled "The Angels' Share". (7 days ago)