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April 17, 2011, 9:58 am

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Not much of a movie, but at least I got to laugh at the ridiculously over-dramatic soundtrack. Honestly, it's like watching an election campaign commercial. Vote capitalism! (20 days ago) Well...it's only the second weirdest thing I've seen. First place in that category goes to a movie about a tire that kills people. I definitely don't recommend watching this unless you are: a) on a mind-altering substance of some kind or, b) aiming to find out what some of the weirdest people around the world think is far beyond what their society finds acceptable. (1 year ago)

Beautifully choreographed fight scenes. Although if you watch the "making of" bit at the end you'll see that they cost the actors quite a few injuries (including sending one guy to a hospital bed).

(over 2 years ago)
Movie Safe (2012)

Would definitely benefit from subtitles in a few spots as there are multiple languages spoken, but it's fairly easy to follow despite this.

(over 2 years ago)

This video is all three episodes of the first season all in one. As much as I would have liked to submit them separately, I couldn't seem to find a separate link for episode 2.

(over 2 years ago)
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