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December 24, 2012, 2:56 am

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looking for sci-fi or horror or thriller or (5 months ago) Let me not get into politics but go ahead and state we're the best. I love my country \sarcasm. Maybe in another 100 years.[/quote] why the sarcasm fella? you can always pack it up and head to the sand bullets, euronomicly distained, new nazi-olitics, hijacked tropical people, destined korean chaos, and most importantly, santa's house. ijs it's the 4th 'don't talk about it be about it' (10 months ago) i don't think tats are stupid, but when people put one on every limb just to have it make s me laugh.....it like 'i tried it once and now i wanna vomit on the outside of my body. ....just do it all and enjoy because you're not lone people oh, i don't have tat's bc i would rather get branded. ijs i just read that. lol i'm not saying cut or uncut is better, but this guy had personal issues (10 months ago) thanks for trying! we'll talk more about that L in a bit. (10 months ago) you're not linker? (10 months ago)
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