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Let me not get into politics but go ahead and state we're the best. I love my country \sarcasm. Maybe in another 100 years.[/quote] why the sarcasm fella? you can always pack it up and head to the sand bullets, euronomicly distained, new nazi-olitics, hijacked tropical people, destined korean chaos, and most importantly, santa's house. ijs it's the 4th 'don't talk about it be about it' (4 months ago) More likely to get muted for this: page 5 I saw that that the Spidey flicks were on cable today, so I thought I'd rate them. And then I started about other superhero movies, and thought I'd rate them. And then things kind of went black for a while, and I woke up with my pants unbuttoned and a dead hooker in the bathtub, and a message on the answering machine I don't dare answer.\ I almost peed there! So Melanie is one of those kinds of people that can do acid and drive just fine is she...Great I wish these people were still around... Some of them seem such interesting characters.[/quote] i think some of me died inside, but the part about him and the other gal's floored me. that left a mark (4 months ago) i don't think tats are stupid, but when people put one on every limb just to have it make s me laugh.....it like 'i tried it once and now i wanna vomit on the outside of my body. ....just do it all and enjoy because you're not lone people oh, i don't have tat's bc i would rather get branded. ijs i just read that. lol i'm not saying cut or uncut is better, but this guy had personal issues (4 months ago) @jun.....i mean, soledad, that was probably the most spot on post i've read on solar. now i wanna look for some. (4 months ago) page 2 (2 fast and 2 furious) :read the entire comment: There is so much hub-bub going on with graduation at a lot of schools across the country but a portion of Brookfield East's senior class won't get to enjoy that. Why? The administration of the public high school knew well ahead of time that the senior class was going to pull a "prank" by causing a food fight during lunch so they said anyone caught in the event would be punished. Despite the warning several students took part in the event and now they are complaining because they are now banned from the graduation ceremonies, but they still get to graduate, or at least most do (There is at least one or two that won't be graduating but that is because they are missing classes required to graduate during their expulsion). Here is my opinion ... As was once said by any wise adult at one time in our lives, it takes a life time to achieve great rewards but it only takes one moment of stupidity to take it all away. You took part in the event despite a warning from the principal himself not to now you should deal with the consequences and not whine and b*tch afterwards. (4 months ago)
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