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October 9, 2012, 12:22 am

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@SgtDoss Watch it now!! Olga belongs to spotty. lol Plenty of action in this PB film, and of course Olga for @spotflare. They both do an awesome job and I was totally into it the entire ride! 9/10 Cheers... (4 minutes ago) @ Ah Now thats much better sweet looking girl! it's my life goal to make everyone laugh! (2 hours ago) Now I cant see yours? grr Ok I reloaded it now shes there..lol Who knows how long tho.. (2 hours ago) @CyrusDaVirus HAHA Agreed! Its messy but can not stop watching it! Interesting Finale with an Absofreakinglutely cool cliffhanger!!! Writers are very cheeky! lol PS Will someone PLEASE Take care of Big Jim for me!!!!??? As Bobby Singers always says: ("Idjit")!!!! Will be here in Solaria for the Bestest Solartainment ever! Waiting for Season 3!!!! Enjoy. Cheers... (2 hours ago) Me too Me three [/quote] @ STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yer grossing me out mate!!! wow spotflare you've really got it bad for this chick don't you LOL i can clearly see why tho i've collected a couple thousand images of olga, thandie and a couple of other celebrities with very expressive faces from which to make stylized illustrations for these stories i'm writing.. so, when i'm looking for a screenshot, they just naturally occur to me.. if not, or for a gif, i'll hunt one down or make one from a film using someone else.. i've followed olga and thandie's careers since they were teenage models of young girls' clothing and respect and admire them.. they're very intelligent women and they ain't at all hard to look at was just messing with you man hope i didn't touch a nerve nope, not at all.. all's cool. the other day i was accused of being raised by lesbians -hahaha- that didn't bother me either.. it's all part of the solar entertainment, as flicker would say [/quote] @ NO flick says Solartainment hehehe but close enuff sweetie.. (2 hours ago)
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