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This is identical to (Episode 9 ) (because it is [2 episodes] back to back:) Again Extant (2014)|(August 27, 2014) Season 01 Episode 09|'Care and Feeding'|9:00 pm ET|CBS Season 01 Episode 10|'A Pack of Cards'|10:00 pm ET|CBS Previous 2 episodes and NEXT will also be[2 episodes] back to back:) Again (1 hour ago) @motherboard CBS networks air two different shows an hour each times two, but the person who actually (RECORDS) this for us does it as one file. In solaria we have it listed as two different episodes. We put links in both places. On some hosts one can READ the title of the link and it says (S1E0910), but all links are embedded within Solaria so most you can not read the name of the link.. Sorry for the confusion and the next will be the same 2 together as well. I was/am happy CBS is doing this so we get more at once. Enjoy. Cheers... (2 hours ago) Hell on Wheels (2011)|August 30, 2014 Season 04 Episode 05 |' Life's a Mystery'| 09:00 pm et | AMC (7 hours ago) Sweetie you will have to ask him and read the thread. I only know I will not place any links in forum any longer and you have my sincerest apologies. Please Dont leave our Solarian Community; just ask me to PM u links. I will do my best. We all Know I live here. So Feel Free to PM me anytime night or day. Cheers... @MsEcho763 Welcome to our Awesome Community! (8 hours ago) Outlander (2014) |August 30, 2014 Season 01 Episode 04| 'The Gathering'| Saturdays at 9:00 pm | starz Guess what Solarians? Yay! Another new Installment tonight!!! Bring it on!!! I will be watching! Cheers... (8 hours ago)