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Thread The Babadook
Don't click on lights off, that just kills the video lights, your ability to see anything. No idea why it's there, but you need lights on to see anything.[/quote] It is there to blacken around the screen for those whom dont like full screen options. It is used to make it look like we are at the movie theater. I use it all day long when im checking links and want it not in full screen.... It is very useful and frankly I wont use a host that doesnt have it....I like it dark so it does not look like im on PC.... But we all are different..Ciao' Plus all this white hurts my eyes hence my shades heheh and it is too distracting trying to watch something with so much junk around like the name of teh film written on the wall i dont want to see that...so BLACK hides it all..... (6 hours ago) @Meeksbam I have been waiting for this Beautiful Christmas story for going on 2 years. Finally it is here. Will watch for Thanksgiving. Cheers... (7 hours ago) I sent ya a YouTube link and added it. Cheers... (7 hours ago)
Thread The Babadook
It would be my Pleasure to assist you ... if you want/need links for a movie - go to its page at the very top there's a (") Feature locate the ("") next to name of movie (" ") use the link to choose ("") option. when you use this "" Feature Solar has a BOT and its called () " IMA- sends you a ( ) notification to your () to let you know the second a LINK is available. I hope this helps. Cheers.. Def lights out...BOO (7 hours ago) Well the episode title says it all "Zunami". A zombie tsunami what will they think of next. I can not wait to see how the survivors get out of this mess.. . Z Nation (2014) |(October 31, 2014) Season 01 Episode 08 |"Zunami"| 10:00 pm ET| Syfy (9 hours ago)
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