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October 9, 2012, 12:22 am

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When I said "" Outlander? I didnt mean it... @spotflare (29 minutes ago) I hope uou have a Fantabulous Birthday hun!!! Something to drink? I added all of your requested links today! So MANY films so Little time, and speaking of time isnt yours running out? Minions wishing happy birthday wish... Huge Hug n Smoochies... From a Beach Party Blonde Penguino!! (1 hour ago) @Miffersss Hello??? Ya BBC show is on girl.. (1 hour ago) @meeksbam GOOD link =(runtime of (87:42 or 1:27:42. good to go.or (not good is 91:26 or 1:31:26. dont watch Report video. Cheers.. (2 hours ago) (Audio out of sync) issue on this flick: check the runtime on "Vodlocker" for this flick if it says (93:48) it is most likely fine. if it is (93:49) is most likely 'out of sync'. All shud be updated now. So just in case there is a vod left behind out of sync please be kind and let the uploader/linker know or REPORT in "other" please dont down vote their link, when they can update it easily. Enjoy this awesome thriller w/Ethan Hawke! Cheers.. (3 hours ago)
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