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October 9, 2012, 12:22 am

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I really enjoyed this film. Mads did an awesome job playing an American settler. Good storyline and solid acting throughout. We have a Bonus for the guys with sexy brilliant actress Eva Green, and bad guy Hunky 'Jeffrey Dean Morgan'. @suziesantos LOL So true on the edge of my seat the entire time!! A Must see, well worth the time, action packed Western. Cheers... (18 minutes ago) @sebash07 Welcome back hun. IKR? What a interesting turns of events! I can't wait 4 Klaus to RETURN December 8th for 'Mid Season Finale'. Cheers... (5 hours ago) @Meeksbam Ck out trailer.... @Sebash07 I get goosebumps watching this trailer. I have been waiting to see this film. I am sure it will not disappoint, b/c the British never do in their film making. Cheers... (5 hours ago)
Movie Fury (2014)
@blackjackbob Yes A real live 'DVD Screener'!!! It has been a long time when we used to get a 1/2 dozen a month. lol Great film! Really moving. A Must see! 9.5/10 Cheers... (5 hours ago) @vhollund She is a clever one indeed... (5 hours ago)
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