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October 9, 2012, 12:22 am

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@SgtDoss no way @LordOfTheDrinks is too adorable looking lol (1 minute ago) I have watched all the Comicon trailers on YouTube and they said nothing but Kudos on the how they put it as the "Leaked" pilot... (2 minutes ago) @LordOfTheDrinks NO JOKE silly? I am replying to Dopilus's comment if you please read what WE said first hun? He said a NEW pilot was coming out and this one was scrapped!? . well read it yourself lol . (4 minutes ago) Perverts both of yans. Takes one to know one heheheh Oh I love ZNation love the old man and DJ Qualls its hilarious but Haven is pretty dern interesting..ciao' You make a good point their.Havens better i just couldnt get into z nation. NO Sir I mean yer a perv... What you need to do first is watch this with Dukey lol Parental guidance full frontals I never said i wasnt a perv, i admit it whole heartedly.but you wuv me and you know it. Now off to the solar awards thingy thread to add my 2 cents in.[/quote] Thwack Ya rnt allowed to speak/comment there bad boy (18 minutes ago) Constantine stars Matt Ryan, Lucy Griffiths, Harold Perrineau, Sir Maejor, Charles Halford, Miles Anderson, Julia Lehman, Mark Ashworth, Victor McCay, Chris Matheny, Fernando Martinez, Joey Phillips, Hillary Brant, Amy Lynn Tuttle, and Daryn Kahn. (19 minutes ago)
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