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October 9, 2012, 12:22 am

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Awesome! There ya go Solarians the links are up! Enjoy. Cheers... (1 hour ago) @meeksbam My flatmate just watched a double on tv tonight his Dish network added the channel and he loved it.. SO hes hooked now too.. cheers... (1 hour ago) Our apologies for the delay. We are doing our best. We used to hook you up in the Forum, but are no longer allowed to do this for Solarians. Most Solarians know what to do when this happens. <evil grin> Cheers... (2 hours ago) @meeksbam Tonight's the night we find out what happened with... . Reign (2013) |Release Date:(October 23, 2014) Season 02 Episode 04|"The Lamb and The Slaughter"| 9:00 pm ET|The CW (3 hours ago) @sasukeko The show has been added already. We are waiting for them to populate and show up here. Should not be too long. Cheers... (3 hours ago)
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