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October 9, 2012, 12:22 am

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Well totally different season 1. Helix and The Last Ship are both series that NO One can dislike. imho I pray they dont mess it up this go round. YOU WONT believe what all happens, so much cool stuff. Watch now. Season 2 will be a new strain for the CDC on a boat/Island, but they will still continue with the Main back story which is bloody amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I am downloading them all for my flatmate and for me to re-watch it is brilliant! Enjoy our Solarian Solartainment! Beach Party Penguin out! Cheers... (2 hours ago) @ckrk Season 2 Is coming soon.... (3 hours ago)
Movie Helix (2014)
@tsdoyle2002 @ckrk Woot Woot!!!! Season 2 starts (January 16th 2015). (3 hours ago) Fuck man that gif(laser eyes) made me laugh so hard,you made my day. Watch the F bomb bro! Sheesh Killing these kids with kindness Yea sorry,i was under the influence of Hilarium.I don't usually curse.Beside saying damn which is considered as cursing everywhere you can chat for obscure reason. Its okay I still love you like a man... loves another man... but like... not... ugh I give up... Dont worry,i've watched Sons of Anarchy(they say i love you bro in each episodes).I now know what man love is(sarcasm).I love you too. hell's fuckin' fire, you can cuss in the forum okay, try this ('cause it's up on my rig) 1/right click on icon (li'l square with 'x') context menu should appear 2/choose either 'copy image url' or 'copy image location' - now it's on your clipboard 3/go to the url bar at top of page, put cursor at right end of code and hit it - this should hilite it in blue 4/hit 'delete' key on keyboard 5/ hit menu icon (3 horizontal bars in upper right corner) 6/hit 'paste' 7/hit 'enter' on keyboard this should show you the image on a fresh page - now hit the 'go back one page' arrow at top left of screen that should return you to the solar forum page with image up good luck let me know if it works i've seen whitetail exhibit some pretty strange behavior.. those two must've found a pot patch [/quote] OMG IM Telling!!!!!!!! (3 hours ago) Helix: "Laws of Nature" Extended Trailer | Season 1 | Syfy Helix Season 2 Teaser Promo |Syfy @kastynn22 @sebash07 @K1ttyCl1ck @meeksbam @Brightonmatt @SgtDoss @tsdoyle2002 @Trauma65 @Burdick @CyrusDaVirus @oldshuntr @c-beams @ubkma @miffersss @spotflare @fearlesss @Coyotebleu @Lucy18960 @Jberry @Underworld @papa1981 @Inolah @panty_hampster @jsharp551 @Incompl @Mollym @moira7 @Cheyennesharon @pineappleExpress @deadface @homelessdude2005 @ihateThenns @jkbulldog (5 hours ago)
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