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October 9, 2012, 12:22 am

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@Redinvader haha your wait is over darling!! hehe @LadyLiberty OMG that was awful on Elementary so many BREAKS. This wasn't too bad of a wait. @wisps Girl or boyeees are back Fire & Ice, and everything nice! They are such a Hot mess love this show I have never been disappointed. Not once. Cheers.. (7 minutes ago) @Wisps Dont know about you but I am in the mood for some more major bantering with Emma and Regina. This storyline is so different then any other it is the bestest! Cheers... (9 hours ago) @Wisps Wow what an intense Finale!!! So much going on can drive ya mad with all of the Twists and turns All over the place. Lots of bad with lots of good dont want to do spoilers I will save that for the thread. All in all 9/10. Some loose ends tied up some not. I cant stand those greedy SOB's and the cousin well maybe he might learn a lesson one day. I can not wait to see what happens Next SEASON? Cheers... (10 hours ago) I wish Ross would listen to what mark said bout the old mine his fathers being rich, but under water or something sometimes? (12 hours ago) (12 hours ago)
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