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Alone / Episode 13

Maggie, Sasha and Bob clash over whether they should head to Terminus. Daryl and Beth take shelter in a seemingly abandoned funeral home...

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WOW!! Insane.. what an AWESOME EPISODE!! And great jams!! on to the next...
@AJShadowz OmG I know right Daryl doesn't open up much he will loose it now, I hope he finds Carol spoon always wanted them two to hook up.:)
Where the hell is Beth????? :(
I thought this was a fine episode. Tension throughout, heartfelt moments in between, longing for what was lost, yet hope that there still might be something going forward. I understand the next episode is really good as well. I know the series is all doom and gloom, but I believe in happy endings, and really would like to see some out of all of this. I know, a pipedream, but hope springs eternal!
good episode!
one of the best episodes of this bad only 3 of them left
You do know there is a thread Everything Walking Dead it would be fun to chat with you guys about it but I don't really saying anything to much in the episode comments as for spoilers. but I agree I like the way the show is going this season it's really building the tension, all these different story lines just teases you into wondering and guessing about what lies ahead....... and that crazy Carol she's at it again by the looks of it
Is Mika and Lizzy, the Ben and Billy?
Those bloody walkers are really beginning to bother me, I can't even stand the sounds they make before we actually see them. Guess that's a sign the show is doing what it's supposed to do. Good episode 9/10
dose mica die???'
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