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Alone / Episode 13

Maggie, Sasha and Bob clash over whether they should head to Terminus. Daryl and Beth take shelter in a seemingly abandoned funeral home...

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Not sure why I didn't comment on this episode before but for some strange reason, this one was one of my favorites. Probably cause Beth was singing a sweet, sweet song to Daryl while he was lying in a casket, trying to get some rest. I dunno, whatever the case may be, this one just had like a calm, relaxing feel to it! HaHa
WOW!! Insane.. what an AWESOME EPISODE!! And great jams!! on to the next...
@AJShadowz OmG I know right Daryl doesn't open up much he will loose it now, I hope he finds Carol spoon always wanted them two to hook up.:)
Where the hell is Beth????? :(
I thought this was a fine episode. Tension throughout, heartfelt moments in between, longing for what was lost, yet hope that there still might be something going forward. I understand the next episode is really good as well. I know the series is all doom and gloom, but I believe in happy endings, and really would like to see some out of all of this. I know, a pipedream, but hope springs eternal!
good episode!
one of the best episodes of this bad only 3 of them left
Is Mika and Lizzy, the Ben and Billy?
Those bloody walkers are really beginning to bother me, I can't even stand the sounds they make before we actually see them. Guess that's a sign the show is doing what it's supposed to do. Good episode 9/10
Good one well balanced, less of Rick is a good episode more Daryl is a good thing.
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