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Awesome,wow,i just love this show,cant wait til next week
@MiEagles Why?, it's what you call a setup episode for the new episodes to come (it's a pick up episode), Imagination and anticipation.
man, i hate when you wait wait wait get super excited and then.................... man.
love the show, but this was a let down i be honest
bout time there is alot of good series starting up again..this is a great one
I can't help but say;
That's what I was waiting for? Darn... I guess, my expectations were really high!
Good start :)
yeeeee haaaaarrrr
Whoa! 2 mutes due to excitement waiting on walking dead!
If you accidentally cause duplicate comment posts
IMAROBOT is doing his job and STOPS SPAMMING
so we all USERS might get muted sometime or another.
"USERS Pls BE careful when posting comments."
Good News is ya can still watch movies until 24 hrs up or
a nice MOD un-mutes ya. Sorry.. Cheers...
Alright!... Thanks for the links! :-)
I'm posting a link
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