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The Suicide King / Episode 9

After the invasion of Woodbury by Rick's group, Daryl and Merle are captured by The Governor. Rick decides the fate of Tyreese's group...

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Imdb rating: 8.1

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I enjoy the show but there's some instances that I wish they would have remained true to the comic.
Awesome,wow,i just love this show,cant wait til next week
Comment removed. Spoilers.
i love you people for putting up the links
@MiEagles Why?, it's what you call a setup episode for the new episodes to come (it's a pick up episode), Imagination and anticipation.
man, i hate when you wait wait wait get super excited and then.................... man.
love the show, but this was a let down i be honest
bout time there is alot of good series starting up again..this is a great one
I can't help but say;
That's what I was waiting for? Darn... I guess, my expectations were really high!
Good start :)
yeeeee haaaaarrrr