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The Client List 2012

Riley is a single mother living in a small Texas town and leading a shocking double life...

Allan Arkush, Timothy Busfield, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Norman Buckley, Patrick R. Norris, Wendey Stanzler, Andy Wolk, John Behring, Bethany Rooney, Debbie Allen, Michael Fields, Jonathan Kaplan, Rick Wallace, John Whitesell ...
Evan Arnold, Brian Howe, Michael Beach, Johnathon Schaech, Arlen Escarpeta, Robert Picardo, Anthony Montgomery, Eric Lively, Jack Conley, John Dennis Johnston, Jonathon Trent, Mimi Rogers, Kathleen York, Alicia Lagano, Ian Bohen, Loretta Devine, Brad Savage, Cybill Shepherd, Joel Gretsch, Bart Johnson, Trevor St. John, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Yani Gellman, John Bishop, Naturi Naughton, Anya Monzikova, Carlos Gómez, David Starzyk, Matt Battaglia, Leonard Roberts, Robert Ri'chard, Flex Alexander, Sunny Mabrey, Kevin Dunigan, Lindsay Halladay, Mary K. DeVault, Greg Grunberg, Patricia Prata, McKinley Freeman, Luis Moncada, Michael Nardelli, Michael Patrick McGill, Dale Midkiff, Victoria Hoffman, Janelle Marra, Marco Sanchez, Colin Egglesfield, Alex Daniels, Erin Cardillo, Gino Anthony Pesi, Betty White, Brian Hallisay, Mike Grief, Desi Lydic, Elisabeth Röhm, Jon Prescott, Mitch Silpa, T.V. Carpio, Brian Kerwin, Lea Coco, J.R. Cacia, Sterling Sulieman, Christopher Wiehl, Rachel Parker, Matthew Florida, Theo Nicholas Pagones, Adam Mayfield, Rebecca Field, Randy J. Goodwin, Colleen Foy, Ricky Lewis Jr., Paul Greene, Jenny Weaver, Ashley Barron, Zachary James Rukavina, Amanda Gist, Daniel Sobieray, Shaka Smith, Jane Osborn, Katie Wee, Ki Hong Lee, Charles Michael Davis, Sean McCracken, Tasha Ames, Cassidy Guetersloh, Christopher J. Hanke, Raff Anoushian, John-Michael Carlton, Jason Sweat, Cat Hammons, Suze Orman, Olesya Grushko, Tyler Champagne, Harrison Thomas, Evie Ryland, David Monahan, Marlene Manes, Adam Taylor, Hazel Sepenuk, Jason Alexander Charchan, Robert T. Barrett, Neko Kelly, Kristian Weathers, Jon Michael Lawrence, Onrico Nightingale, Drea Garcia, Michael Bradley, Lais Pedroso, Megan Harwick, Tawnya Bhattacharya, Shawn Kaiser, Celeste Scalone Stoney ...
Drama ...

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Solar rating: 9.3


Imdb rating: 6.7

Latest Episode: Wild Nights Are Calling (s02e15) June 16, 2013

With the prostitution task force closing in, Riley (Jennifer Love Hewitt) struggles to shield her family from a vengeful competitor and protect her employees and customers from being arrested

Season 2

June 16, 2013 Episode 15 Wild Nights Are Calling 35 links
June 16, 2013 Episode 14 What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am 40 links
June 9, 2013 Episode 13 Whatever It Takes 41 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 12 When I Say I Do 34 links
May 19, 2013 Episode 11 I Miss Back When 41 links
May 12, 2013 Episode 10 What Part of No? 39 links
May 5, 2013 Episode 9 Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy 37 links
April 28, 2013 Episode 8 Heaven's Just a Sin Away 30 links
April 21, 2013 Episode 7 I Ain't Broke But I'm Badly Bent 31 links
April 14, 2013 Episode 6 Unanswered Prayers 35 links
April 7, 2013 Episode 5 Hell on Heels 34 links
March 31, 2013 Episode 4 My Main Trial Is Yet to Come 31 links
March 24, 2013 Episode 3 Cowboy Up 31 links
March 17, 2013 Episode 2 Who's Cheatin' Who 29 links
March 10, 2013 Episode 1 'Till I Make It on My Own 26 links

Season 1


@papa1981 Yes I am sorry to say they most certainly did.
I loved it! Good looking cast and was always humorous and sometimes a few good songs. lol Cheers..
@Flicker2013 Hey hun did they cancel this series? please let me know when you get a chance thanks. Cheers
I liked this series- I also love Jennifer Love Hewitt ( although nothing will make me love her more than I did in Ghost Whisperer- a favourite show of mine!) I think this is a very entertaining show worth the watch! :-)
Season 2 (Double header Finale):
The Client List Season 2,Episode 14/What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am/10pm / myLifetime
The Client List Season 2,Episode 15/Wild Nights are Calling 10pm / myLifetime
IMDB ID: ( 2940726 )
The Client List: Season 2, Episode 13
Release Date: (Jun. 9, 2013)
Episode Title:(Whatever It Takes)
S2, Ep13|Jun. 9, 2013|Whatever It Takes
S2, Ep14|Jun. 16, 2013|What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am
S2, Ep15|Jun. 16, 2013|Wild Nights Are Calling
S2, Ep12|May 26, 2013|("When I Say I Do")
S2, Ep15|Unknown|("Wild Nights Are Calling") ==>(ep15???)
I hope there are 15 episodes. lol
But point is (12 is NOT the "Finale"). Cheers..
Remaining Episodes Season 2:
S2, Ep10|May 12, 2013| ("What Part of No?")
S2, Ep11|May 19, 2013|("I Miss Back When")
S2, Ep12|May 26, 2013| ("When I Say I Do")
Can't wait for tomorrow!!
if it makes a return it will air in april 2013... Should air then.
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