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Terra Nova 2011

Centers on the Shannons, an ordinary family from 2149 when the planet is dying who are transported back 85 million years to prehistoric Earth where they join Terra Nova, a colony of humans with a second chance to build a civilization...

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Solar rating: 8.9


Imdb rating: 6.7

Latest Episode: Resistance (s01e13) December 19, 2011

The Phoenix team overwhelm the Terra Nova campsite while Taylor's remaining men hide in the forest. For mysterious reasons, the next step is clearing out the southern desert with mega-bombs

Season 1

December 19, 2011 Episode 13 Resistance 3 links
December 19, 2011 Episode 12 Occupation 11 links
December 12, 2011 Episode 11 Within 10 links
November 28, 2011 Episode 10 Now You See Me 10 links
November 21, 2011 Episode 9 Vs. 10 links
November 14, 2011 Episode 8 Proof 10 links
November 7, 2011 Episode 7 Nightfall 13 links
October 31, 2011 Episode 6 Bylaw 9 links
October 17, 2011 Episode 5 The Runaway 5 links
October 10, 2011 Episode 4 What Remains 11 links
October 3, 2011 Episode 3 Instinct 11 links
September 26, 2011 Episode 2 Genesis: Part 2 2 links
September 26, 2011 Episode 1 Genesis: Part 1 8 links


@dopilus no such thing as unusually amount of Chinese food when binge watching a great series. lol ;p
I'm ordering an unusually absurd amount of Chinese food, locking all the doors, and binge-watching this ALL WEEKEND.
Something is wrong with nowadays TV Shows. They make something and it is good suddenly it gets cancelled without giving it a chance to develop any further. I would say let's go on a strike and not watch them but watching or not watching them here (or on sites like this) makes no difference.
I really liked this show, but it didn't get very far, another show cancelled... they were on a roll! Now we have the 100 and Revolution which are in some way or another somewhat similar... in my book there was room for all of them. So bummed.
Pretty good series. Ashamed it was cancelled :/
I couldn't believe that such a good show like this got cancelled. An all rounded show that caters to all.
Yeah the f/x were quite realistic and the dinosaurs seemed decently real. I really felt that at the way Terra Nova ended A second season was going to get very interesting. I really hope some of those shows come back....soon.
Surface was another great SciFi show that got cancelled in it's prime
They should call up Joss, and tell him they want Firefly
Netflix has been picking up and looking into reproducing new shows in an attempt to stay viable since their watch instantly list is pretty weak. This is one that the fans are trying to convince them to pick up
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