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Strike Back 2010

The actions of 'Section 20', a secretive unit of British military intelligence. A team of special operations personnel conduct several high risk missions throughout the globe...

Daniel Percival, Paul Wilmshurst, Bill Eagles, ...
Liam Cunningham, Brian Milligan, Féodor Atkine, ...
Drama, Thriller, Action, ...

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Solar rating: 8.8


Imdb rating: 8.3

Latest Episode: Episode #4.10 (s04e10) October 18, 2013

Kamali is alive. He fooled everyone when he faked his death. Locke makes a deal with Ulyanov to capture Kamali. Kamali's team attempts to deploy the weapon at Ramstein AFB. Stonebridge and Scott have many important decisions to make

Season 5

Season 4

October 18, 2013 Episode 10 Episode #4.10 27 links
October 11, 2013 Episode 9 Episode #4.9 31 links
October 4, 2013 Episode 8 Episode #4.8 14 links
September 27, 2013 Episode 7 Episode #4.7 27 links
September 20, 2013 Episode 6 Episode #4.6 19 links
September 13, 2013 Episode 5 Episode #4.5 9 links
September 6, 2013 Episode 4 Episode #4.4 13 links
August 23, 2013 Episode 3 Episode #4.3 0 links You have a link?
August 16, 2013 Episode 2 Episode #4.2 7 links
August 9, 2013 Episode 1 Episode #4.1 4 links

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1


This was an awesome show!! thank you to the streamers for all you do to make this available for us! I really got interested in this series but when I changed to Directv I no longer kept the premium channel this was on.
Thanks again!! now if I could figure out how to watch on my android phone without getting lost in the multiple re-directs! LOL
MI6, MI5, MI16, great kind of a show to watch when you can't find spy or military show left, a great show I say it again :)
@Dokterr "Copyright reasons" the host admins delete them this occurs daily on these sites so this is when YOU report links as DEAD. When it says file has been removed etc. We also have a forum where one can Request links for TV Shows, and mention that you prefer vodlocker and I am sure someone will hook you up.
This site is all about Ask and Ye Shall receive.
If you do it in the correct place, and tell us what you need like which Season and episodes etc. Cheers...
@Dokterr for what season are you referring?
All links have been deleted ! At least the vodlocker links. Why ?
@CyrusDaVirus Now an even longer wait. I still can't believe they canceled this one. Thanks for passing on the info.
@papa1981 Just read that filming has resumed, but I don't think it's going to air until 2015 :(
I did not know that one of the actors had injured themselves and filming has been delayed. Does anyone know when the show will air then? I'm a huge fan and i can't beleive they decided to cancel it from what I understand the show got decent and consistent ratings. I would appreciate any info.
You are correct.
The fourth and final season was being filmed in Bangkok when the accident occurred in Thailand. They were to next go to Hungary, but that Hungary filming has been put on hold to (continue filming Fall 2014). Since Sullivan Stapleton performs most of his own stunts, they cannot resume filming until he is in peak physical condition.
(Especially all those Hot Steamy Sex Scenes) lol
I miss it NOW, but will miss it MORE when it is no more! Cheers...
I just read an article from February that Sullivan Stapleton suffered a concussion while filming season 4 (5) in Thailand. Production was to be delayed for six months.
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