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Smallville 2001

A young Clark Kent struggles to find his place in the world as he learns to harness his alien powers for good and deals with the typical troubles of teenage life in Smallville...

Ted Whittall, Chris Gauthier, Mark Gibbon, Mackenzie Gray, Gardiner Millar, Kyle Gallner, Kim Coates, Byron Mann, Christopher Heyerdahl, Judith Maxie, Michael Daingerfield, Aaron Douglas, Kimani Ray Smith, Aleks Paunovic, Gordon Tootoosis, Connor Widdows, Justin Chatwin, Ian Somerhalder, Moneca Delain, Ildiko Ferenczi, Rikki Gagne, Callum Blue, Tara Wilson, William B. Davis, Jonathan Walker, James Marsters, Gerard Plunkett, Robert Picardo, Neil Flynn, Peter Bryant, Heather Doerksen, Julian Christopher, Leela Savasta, Mark Acheson, John DeSantis, Kristin Kreuk, Laura Mennell, Rob LaBelle, John Shaw, Robert Wisden, Jerry Wasserman, Don Thompson, Michael Eklund, Kurt Evans, Alessandro Juliani, Colin Lawrence, Dan Payne, Jesse Reid, Sahar Biniaz, Peyton List, Elise Gatien, Justin Hartley, Tim Henry, Hiro Kanagawa, Jill Teed, Jody Thompson, Mike Dopud, Dean McKenzie, Keri Lynn Pratt, Michael Shanks, Brent Stait, Gil Bellows, Evangeline Lilly, Jesse Metcalfe, Daniel Bacon, Darryl Quon, Alan Ritchson, Ryan Kennedy, P. Lynn Johnson, Serge Houde, Ron Selmour, Panou, Dee Jay Jackson, Phil Morris, Eric Johnson, Annette O'Toole, Frank C. Turner, Chelan Simmons, Steve Makaj, Françoise Yip, Alvin Sanders, Chad Donella, Lisa Marie Caruk, Ryan McDonell, Sara Canning, Nico Ghisi, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Brian Austin Green, Steve Archer, Aaron Ashmore, Allison Mack, Rutger Hauer, Rob Hayter, Camille Mitchell, Brenda Crichlow, Martin Cummins, Connor Stanhope, Michael Rosenbaum, Bill Mondy, Woody Jeffreys, Gina Holden, Malcolm Stewart, John Schneider, Joe Morton, Tom O'Brien, Daren A. Herbert, Kwesi Ameyaw, Angelika Libera, David Lewis, Erica Cerra, Michael Rogers, Shawn Ashmore, Adrian Mcmorran, Lorena Gale, Serinda Swan, Elias Toufexis, Jared Keeso, Lucas Grabeel, Margot Kidder, Michael Ironside, Brad Loree, Steve Bacic, Mark Lukyn, Kendall Cross, Cameron Dye, Juan Riedinger, Alisen Down, Richard Keats, Aaron Craven, Dean Redman, David Richmond-Peck, Ken Kirzinger, Michael Hogan, Lori Ann Triolo, Barclay Hope, David Orth, Timothy Paul Perez, Lizzy Caplan, Scott Cooper, Lauro Chartrand, Jim Shield, Jane Seymour, Veena Sood, P.J. Prinsloo, Angela Moore, Eileen Pedde, Julian Sands, Emy Aneke, Terence Stamp, Nathaniel DeVeaux, Quinn Lord, Dan Joffre, Billy Mitchell, Rekha Sharma, Michael St. John Smith, Michael Cassidy, Christopher Reeve, Michael McKean, Alan C. Peterson, Karen Holness, Lexa Doig, Dylan Neal, Leonard Roberts, Christine Willes, Sarah-Jane Redmond, John Novak, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Anna Williams, Brock Johnson, Luciana Carro, Sean Millington, Michael Adamthwaite, Graham Young, Brad Turner, Dario Delacio, Tom Welling, Eric Breker, Pam Grier, Tori Spelling, Steve Byers, Jensen Ackles, Crystal Lowe, Adrian Holmes, Laura Vandervoort, Kelly Brook, Jesse Hutch, Amy Esterle, Pascale Hutton, Sarah Afful, Jason Connery, Brandon Jay McLaren, Sebastian Gacki, Sam Witwer, Ecstasia Sanders, R. David Stephens, Brittney Irvin, French Tickner, Viv Leacock, Aaron Dudley, Gary Hudson, Shawn Parr, Michael Jonsson, Jason Poulsen, James Ralph, Shawn Reis, Monique Ganderton, Jim Thorburn, Tahmoh Penikett, Christie Laing, Patrick Keating, Erica Durance, Ari Cohen, David Patrick Green, Brandi Alexander, Fraser Aitcheson, Alain Chanoine, Craig Fraser, Christian Vincent, Wendy Chmelauskas, Scott Bellis, David Lovgren, Linden Banks, Cassidy Freeman, Sam Jones III, John Glover, David Paetkau, Ryan Kenneth King, Helen Slater, Ryan Kelley, Benjamin Ayres, Michaela Mann, Richard Faraci, Carlo Marks, Elyse Levesque, Robert Gauvin, Anna Galvin, Alaina Huffman, Lee Tichon, Elysia Rotaru, Sarah Carter, Fred Henderson, Shaw Madson, Catherine Barroll, Bradley Stryker, Anne Marie DeLuise, Steven Grayhm, Owen Best, Nicola Anderson, Rob Freeman, Jay Kirby, Alejandro Chavarria, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Joe Maffei, Lee Thompson Young, Jackson Berlin, Teryl Rothery, Craig Veroni, Randal Edwards, Shafin Karim, Stephen Lobo, Jason Benson, Michael Karl Richards, Sharon Taylor, Darren E. Scott, Mitchell Kosterman, Troy Rudolph, Patrick Cassidy, James Michalopolous, Jason Coleman, Chad Hershler, Don Broach, Sandra Ferens, Michelle Goh, Bud the Dog, Ben Odberg, Jade Unterman, Malkolm Alburquenque, Matthew Munn, Evan C. Schulte, Max Train, Jake Moyer, Richard Kahan, Keira Kabatow, Aubrey Arnason, Marshall Caplan, Nicki Burke, Carra Maureen, Kyle Cornell, Jakob Davies, James Tsai, Evan Lendrum, Michael Q. Adams, Jason Cecchini, Amos Stern, Kyra Zagorsky, Jackie Micallef, Vincent Ropion, Chris Shields, Jason Edward Coleman ...
Drama, Romance, Adventure, Sci-Fi ...
USA, Canada

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Solar rating: 9.1


Imdb rating: 7.5

Latest Episode: Finale (s10e21) May 13, 2011

In Smallville's two-part series finale, Clark and Lois are getting ready for their wedding but not before Lois gets her "superhero's wife" cold feet. Meanwhile Oliver - secretly taken over

Season 10

May 13, 2011 Episode 21 Finale 24 links
May 6, 2011 Episode 20 Prophecy 23 links
April 29, 2011 Episode 19 Dominion 24 links
April 22, 2011 Episode 18 Booster 26 links
April 15, 2011 Episode 17 Kent 25 links
March 4, 2011 Episode 16 Scion 23 links
February 25, 2011 Episode 15 Fortune 24 links
February 18, 2011 Episode 14 Masquerade 23 links
February 11, 2011 Episode 13 Beacon 22 links
February 4, 2011 Episode 12 Collateral 25 links
December 10, 2010 Episode 11 Icarus 22 links
December 3, 2010 Episode 10 Luthor 21 links
November 19, 2010 Episode 9 Patriot 22 links
November 12, 2010 Episode 8 Abandoned 22 links
November 5, 2010 Episode 7 Ambush 23 links
October 29, 2010 Episode 6 Harvest 25 links
October 22, 2010 Episode 5 Isis 24 links
October 15, 2010 Episode 4 Homecoming 25 links
October 8, 2010 Episode 3 Supergirl 26 links
October 1, 2010 Episode 2 Shield 25 links
September 24, 2010 Episode 1 Lazarus 25 links

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I just finished watching the season 10 finale of Smallville. I spent the last couple of months basically zipping through it in catch-up mode like I have in the past for Star Trek DS9, Supernatural and other TV shows. As far as the overall series goes, I was extremely happy. Like DS9, the last 3-4 seasons were nothing short of outstanding, with government agencies hunting down superheroes, evil villains from distant parts of the galaxy wreaking havoc on Earth, alternate realities with even more evil Luthors lurking about, etc... It was prime entertainment, and as I approached the end of the final season, I found myself genuinely regretting that it was coming to an end.
Then I watched the two-part finale, and I couldn't believe my eyes. They absolutely butchered the end, with a half-@ssed closure of the big inhuman evil (The Darkside) plot, characters on both sides of the line with major unresolved story lines and more. They spent at least 20 minutes in three separate "character musings," where all they did was show flashbacks, seemingly random, from previous episodes.
The ending was soooo bad that it almost wiped out the enjoyment I'd taken away from the first 200+ episodes. When the final credits rolled, I wanted to throw something at my screen, sue the CW network and write a really nasty letter to the editor of The Daily Planet.
Disappointment...thy name is Smallville.
@Sunstroker @kentclark
That's about how I would describe it. I wasn't interested at all, until they were making a big deal about the finale. I was already somewhat disappointed by Lois & Clark.
I got ahold of the series and started watching it at my leisure, and was hooked. Some of it I found hard to swallow, but I couldn't help but keep clicking 'next' on my media player, and finding myself excited when they introduced new characters from the DC universe.
My biggest disappointment was what happened after the ending...nothing. Tom Welling grew to totally own the role, and would have been a natural to appear in a Superman movie, or even a TV show...not to mention the characters they introduce. Sometimes, in the last couple of seasons, especially, it's like watching a prequel to Legion of Superheroes cartoons that I grew up watching.
@Sunstroker I suggest people who didn't agree with this show back in the day to give it another watch. You mentioned the first 3-4 episodes, those are not even accurate representations of greatness that it turn it too lol. I did love the pilot though.
@kentclark I didn't watch this series while it was still running, for reasons that ranged from "I had too many other shows going" to "the previews made it look like a teeny soap opera." About a month ago, one of my good friends told me to sit down and watch the first 3-4 episodes, and if I didn't think it was worth continuing, he'd pay my bar tab when we went out on Friday.
So, a month later, I am now starting season 7, and am a total junkie for this show. I'm almost glad I didn't watch it while it was on TV, as I'm not sure I could wait a week for each episode.
Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to check in on Kal-El and the rest of my favorite meteor freaks...
I could write a couple of paragraphs about why I love this show but I will spare everyone. This is one of the few shows that have run this long and have had the second half be better than the first half. (For the most part). Let me just say that I love this show enough to buy the entire box set on dvd and I'm cheap lol.
I love this show and sexy men too. hehe
It would be fantastic if they brought Smallville back to tell the story of Superman and his adventures...kinda like Lois & Clark, though I'm sure this would be better, especially if they used the same actors. And every season Lex would have some devious plot to take over the world that would go all season before coming to the inevitable conclusion of Superman saving the day lol. That'd be awesome
best show i ever watch
@KOOLKLOUD, I think you are mistaken, this show ended in 2011. It won't air any more episodes
Hy when is the new eps casting.....