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Skins 2007

The story of a group of British teens who are trying to grow up and find love and happiness despite questionable parenting and teachers who more want to be friends (and lovers) rather than authority figures...

Simon Massey, Charles Martin, Adam Smith, Philippa Langdale, Paul Gay, Minkie Spiro, Harry Enfield, Aysha Rafaele, Neil Biswas, Esther Campbell, Daniel O'Hara, Amanda Boyle, Jack Clough, Dominic Leclerc ...
Mackenzie Crook, Mark Monero, Jack O'Connell, April Pearson, Larissa Wilson, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Tom Payne, Geoffrey Hughes, Harry Enfield, Dev Patel, Danny Dyer, Bill Bailey, Simon Day, Dakota Blue Richards, John Bishop, Joel Dommett, Jordan Long, Peter Capaldi, Chris Addison, David Baddiel, Morwenna Banks, Johann Benét, Joe Dempsie, Ronni Ancona, Stephen Walters, Taz, Josie Lawrence, Juliet Cowan, Justin Edwards, Ardal O'Hanlon, Hugo Speer, Nina Wadia, Daniel Kaluuya, John Weldon, Kaya Scodelario, Pauline Quirke, Robert Wilfort, Troy Glasgow, Nicholas Hoult, Klariza Clayton, Paul Ridley, Giles Thomas, Clinton Blake, Wayne Powerdavis, Henry Garrett, Jenny Jules, Victoria Wicks, Merveille Lukeba, Hannah Murray, Mike Bailey, Mitch Hewer, Ollie Barbieri, Luke Pasqualino, Kathryn Prescott, Lisa Backwell, Lily Loveless, Megan Prescott, Siwan Morris, Alexander Arnold, Jessica Sula, Freya Mavor, Laya Lewis, Sean Teale, Sebastian De Souza, Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Georgina Moffat, Redd Smith, Arabella Weir, Josie Long, Cambria Bailey-Jones, Daniel Black, Charmanae Amber, Seth Evans, Sean Verey, Karina Minhas, Nixon Evans, Ben Evans, Danielle Jadelyn, Wendy Brierley, Greg Shewring, Adrian Fergus Fuller, Ben Smith, Alan McEndrick, Graeme Rooney, Aicha Kossoko, Will Merrick ...
Drama, Comedy ...

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Solar rating: 9.6


Imdb rating: 8.2

Latest Episode: Rise: Part 2 (s07e06) August 5, 2013

Cook, Charlie and Emma are on the run. They take refuge in Emma's parent's house in the middle of nowhere. Things start to get worse as Louie finds them

Season 7

August 5, 2013 Episode 6 Rise: Part 2 26 links
July 29, 2013 Episode 5 Rise: Part 1 20 links
July 22, 2013 Episode 4 Pure: Part 2 7 links
July 15, 2013 Episode 3 Pure: Part 1 25 links
July 8, 2013 Episode 2 Fire: Part 2 7 links
July 1, 2013 Episode 1 Fire: Part 1 20 links

Season 6

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1


Its awesome.
Great series
@Darthintrepid the snippets about the seasons and episodes usually have pretty big spoilers in them and are very hard to miss.
@squidmonkey My telepathy has been disconnected, for not paying the bill. Could you be more specific, or perhaps use the report button?
can someone remove the season two summary thing, it has a huge spoiler and its hard not to see it.
The bad: No-one told me there was a new series.
The good: So many episodes to watch!
Effy's all grown up and out in the real world now but where Effy goes, drama can't help but follow...
Well Written.. Great series..
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