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A Scandal in Belgravia / Episode 1

Sherlock is asked to confiscate something of importance from a mysterious woman named Irene Adler...

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i like this episode
My favorite episode of Sherlock!! It was beautifully done!!
Just a little trivia: On the first five minutes while John is typing for his blog, Sherlock scoffed on John's entry title. Sherlock said, "Oh for God sakes: The Speckled Blonde?" referring to a case wherein a Blonde woman has a lot of speckle on her body. That title, I think, refers to Conan Doyle's original story: "The Adventures of The Speckled Band". Little things is what makes this series great :)
Yea better plot and i understood what was going (this time) on!?
Well I'm glad you are liking it better now, it only gets better from here, and you are very lucky in the fact that you won't have the huge wait the rest of us has had waiting for season 3, which starts in March. Btw papaa i think i've got a decent idea of what kinda shows you like if you get a chance check out copper and whitechapel, both good shows to pass the time...
Very very good episode definite upgrade to the season compared to the first season. I am a fan the show now
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