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Shameless 2011

An alcoholic man lives in a perpetual stupor while his six children with whom he lives cope as best they can...

Mark Mylod, Mimi Leder, John Wells, ...
Garrett Morris, Americus Abesamis, Leonard Earl Howze, ...
Drama, Comedy

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Solar rating: 9.6


Imdb rating: 8.7

Latest Episode: Love Songs (In the Key of Gallagher) (s05e12) April 5, 2015

Season 6

Season 5

April 5, 2015 Episode 12 Love Songs (In the Key of Gallagher) 245 links
March 29, 2015 Episode 11 Drugs Actually 271 links
March 22, 2015 Episode 10 South Side Rules 251 links
March 15, 2015 Episode 9 Carl's First Sentencing 182 links
March 8, 2015 Episode 8 Uncle Carl 228 links
March 1, 2015 Episode 7 Tell Me You Fucking Need Me 226 links
February 15, 2015 Episode 6 Crazy Love 244 links
February 8, 2015 Episode 5 Rite of Passage 186 links
February 1, 2015 Episode 4 A Night to Remem-- Wait, What? 242 links
January 25, 2015 Episode 3 The Two Lisas 264 links
January 18, 2015 Episode 2 I'm the Liver 207 links
January 11, 2015 Episode 1 Milk of the Gods 210 links

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Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

Unknown Season


Anyone else get a lil horney every time lip is on screen ;)
I love this show so much
this show is underrated
@Sara_82 The only problem with this version is they show Frank less then the other characters, but still I prefer this version on the other one.
@Sara_82, This show is great, the actors are great, Many shows copy other shows..
Example, The Middle is Malcom in the middle knock off.

I think your opinion is wrong.
@Flicker2013 nooooo i need this show
Shameless Will RETURN on (01/Mar/2015)
Shameless Episode listings (total 12):
5x07 01/Mar/2015 Tell Me You F*cking Need Me
5x08 08/Mar/2015 Uncle Carl
5x09 15/Mar/2015 Carl's First Sentencing
5x10 22/Mar/2015 South Side Rules
5x11 29/Mar/2015 Drugs Actually
5x12 05/Apr/2015 Love Songs (in the Key of Gallagher)
If your looking for a new show to watch then look no further I promise you'll love this show! This is by far the best show on right now and everyone should be watching it. Its a top 5 or 10 show of all time its that good!
@MontyFly arent we all? :D
love this show :D
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