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Pretty Little Liars 2010

Four friends band together against an anonymous foe who threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, while unraveling the mystery of the murder of their best friend...

Norman Buckley, Ron Lagomarsino, Chris Grismer, ...
Chris Nuñez, Nicole Lynnae Sullivan, Rose Abdoo, ...
Drama, Mystery, Thriller ...

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Solar rating: 8.4


Imdb rating: 7.9

Latest Episode: Welcome to the Dollhouse (s05e25) March 24, 2015

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Season 5

March 24, 2015 Episode 25 Welcome to the Dollhouse 227 links
March 17, 2015 Episode 24 I'm a Good Girl, I Am 222 links
March 10, 2015 Episode 23 The Melody Lingers On 206 links
March 3, 2015 Episode 22 To Plea or Not to Plea 244 links
February 24, 2015 Episode 21 Bloody Hell 210 links
February 17, 2015 Episode 20 Pretty Isn't the Point 260 links
February 10, 2015 Episode 19 Out, Damned Spot 219 links
February 3, 2015 Episode 18 Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me 218 links
January 27, 2015 Episode 17 The Bin of Sin 225 links
January 20, 2015 Episode 16 Over a Barrel 259 links
January 13, 2015 Episode 15 Fresh Meat 189 links
January 6, 2015 Episode 14 Through a Glass Darkly 238 links
December 9, 2014 Episode 13 How the 'A' Stole Christmas 166 links
August 26, 2014 Episode 12 Taking This One to the Grave 150 links
August 19, 2014 Episode 11 No One Here Can Love or Understand Me 131 links
August 12, 2014 Episode 10 A Dark Ali 115 links
August 5, 2014 Episode 9 March of Crimes 129 links
July 29, 2014 Episode 8 Scream for Me 108 links
July 22, 2014 Episode 7 The Silence of E. Lamb 84 links
July 15, 2014 Episode 6 Run, Ali, Run 101 links
July 8, 2014 Episode 5 Miss Me x100 115 links
July 1, 2014 Episode 4 Thrown from the Ride 113 links
June 24, 2014 Episode 3 Surfing the Aftershocks 102 links
June 17, 2014 Episode 2 Whirly Girly 110 links
June 10, 2014 Episode 1 EscApe from New York 116 links

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@bettedivas1 plus one for your you remember what Alison said in S3E23?she said GIRLS FIGHT MUCH DIRTIER THAN BOYS....and yeah new eppy was good.that was so CLOSE encounter.
@crystalskull my gut tells me it's a female. Although after watching this episode it could be anybody. I often wonder how the girls became her friend. Wow renewed to Season 7!!!
m so happy.Pretty Little Liars Renewed Through Season now we have much more to see and to imagine than ever.
@bettedivas1 hahaha same here everyone me too wants to know about A.but also don't want it to's interesting really interesting that no one knows about A.but at same point it's irritating.curious human nature(wants to know everything).......
but can u guess A is male or female?
@crystalskull It is bitter sweet really, I want to find out who A is (I really do) on the other hand the show will most likely finish if we do (and I don't want it to end). I love all the twists and drama, can't wait, been soooo long.
@bettedivas1 yeah HOPE!!!!the only thing PLL fans are doing from the beginning.the only thing we can do is hope wish hope wish.bcs writers and directors are doing really great job.
whenever we think they'll reveal,they do something else to increase suspense.again they left us to imagine who A is??
At long last, this series is back tonight, can't wait. Hope we find out who A is this season.
@melissah don't give up.have some'll know what you wants to know.just keep watching PLL.everyone is waiting for that moment,when they'll reveal who is A?
@crystalskull i am guessing for the new season which is out in 2 days!!!!
Found this show last year and binged watched it until I was caught up. I really like it, BUT, they keep dragging on who 'A' is, and it's kinda made me lose interest. I think many people are getting pissed at this point, lol. They could reveal who 'A' is, and still have a good show and find a way to keep a good plot. If they don't reveal A soon, i'm giving up!
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