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Orange Is the New Black 2013

The story of Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to fifteen months in prison after being convicted of a decade-old crime of transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend...

Michael Trim, Andrew McCarthy, Phil Abraham, Uta Briesewitz, Jodie Foster, Constantine Makris, Matthew Penn ...
Natasha Lyonne, Carol Stanzione, Robert Stanton, Dominic Colon, Faye Yvette McQueen, Nick Sandow, James Thomas Bligh, Finise Avery, Taryn Manning, Jason Biggs, Pablo Schreiber, Jessica Pimentel, Shabazz Ray, Lori Tan Chinn, Michael Harney, Lorraine Toussaint, Patricia Kalember, Joanna Adler, Sidné Anderson, James McDaniel, Kim Director, Selenis Leyva, Joel Garland, Sharrieff Pugh, Lolita Foster, Jacob Salas, Todd Susman, Arden Myrin, Barbara Rosenblat, Beth Fowler, Sebastian La Cause, Alfredo De Quesada, Benjamin Eakeley, Jermel Howard, Lawton Paseka, Bill Hoag, Michelle Hurst, Lindsay Felton, Nahanni Johnstone, Deborah Rush, Matty Blake, Jimmy Palumbo, Nancy Ticotin, Emma Myles, Francis Dumaurier, Fenton Lawless, Abigail Savage, Laura Prepon, Annie Golden, Catherine Curtin, David Aaron Baker, Kristen Adele, Rachel Brosnahan, Kate Mulgrew, Mark Gessner, Brendan Burke, Tony Naumovski, Alysia Reiner, Matthew Blumm, Harold Surratt, Lin Tucci, Berto Colon, Constance Shulman, Pedro Mojica, Chris McGinn, Tanya Wright, Ezra Knight, Brett Barsky, Gregory Korostishevsky, Taylor Schilling, Laryssa Lauret, Lee Brock, Michael Chernus, Maria Dizzia, Dominic Comperatore, Chike Johnson, Michele Ammon, Raymond Mamrak, Yael Stone, Mary Looram, Chris Beetem, Kaipo Schwab, Ali Merhi, Lea DeLaria, Nora Hummel, Reilly Stith, Cory Fernandez, Morgan Spector, Olya Zueva, Teena Byrd, Vladimi Versailles, Patrice Harris, Rachel Resheff, Marina Kotovnikov, Tracee Chimo, Matt Peters, Mary Boyer, Michael Nathanson, Kathryn Kates, Michael Cyril Creighton, Harriett D. Foy, Suzanna Guzman, Laverne Cox, Sabrina Carpenter, Alan R. Rodriguez, Justine Salata, Samira Wiley, Sean Patrick Doyle, Christian Keiber, Maïté Alina, Lauren Lapkus, Jackie Cruz, Matt McGorry, Bria Yvette Beauvis, Carla Brandberg, Richard Gallagher, Diane Guerrero, Devin Harjes, Alison Fernandez, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Ari Barkan, Joseph Dimartino, Liz Logan, Dascha Polanco, Marcia M Francis, Michael Rainey Jr., Jessica Shea Alverson, Erin Gerasimovich, José Báez, Mike Malvagno, Tamara Torres, Crystal T. Williams, Paul Vincent Rapisarda, Jason Humble, Paul A Nielsen, Steve Mason, Trey Gerrald, Ian Paola, Leo Misha King, Samantha Suzanne Sweed, Uzo Aduba, Adrienne C. Moore, Adrienne Warren, Josephine Pizzino, Charles Rosa, Bryan Langlitz, Danielle Brooks, Vicky Jeudy, Beth Katehis, Nick Stevenson, Kimiko Glenn, Madeline Brewer, Sanja Danilovic, David Ross, Julie Lake, Eric Moreland, Robbie Carmichael, James B. Carrington, Devon Buchanan, Torrey Berkson, Journee Brown, Sari Caine, Cassidy Durrell, Adrian Enscoe, Adriana Camposano, Patrick Cann, Bekah Mulberg, Katie Iacona, M. Lamar, Elizabeth Coppola, Bianca Gonzalez, Glenn Farnham, Emma Fisher, Farrah Krenek, Marquise Neal, Carmen Mathis, Barry Phillips, Lexie Speirs, Dave Reed, Nesha Ward, Mercedes Griffeth, Wilmarie Sena, Mckayla Twiggs, Keisha Zollar, Christina Carroll, Leigh Fitzjames, Yael Gonen, Shannon Hamm, Anna Morris, Amanda M. Rodriguez, Noelle Stewart, Bianca Tejada, Natasha A. Williams, Laura Gómez ...
Drama, Comedy, Crime ...

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Solar rating: 9.3


Imdb rating: 8.5

Latest Episode: We Have Manners. We're Polite. (s02e13) June 6, 2014

Several futures hang in the balance as the inmates face and confront their worst nightmares; Life will never be the same again

Season 3

Season 2

June 6, 2014 Episode 13 We Have Manners. We're Polite. 65 links
June 6, 2014 Episode 12 It Was the Change 57 links
June 6, 2014 Episode 11 Take a Break from Your Values 66 links
June 6, 2014 Episode 10 Little Mustachioed Shit 65 links
June 6, 2014 Episode 9 40 OZ of Furlough 68 links
June 6, 2014 Episode 8 Appropriately Sized Pots 64 links
June 6, 2014 Episode 7 Comic Sans 52 links
June 6, 2014 Episode 6 You Also Have a Pizza 62 links
June 6, 2014 Episode 5 Low Self Esteem City 74 links
June 6, 2014 Episode 4 A Whole Other Hole 53 links
June 6, 2014 Episode 3 Hugs Can Be Deceiving 75 links
June 6, 2014 Episode 2 Looks Blue, Tastes Red 66 links
June 6, 2014 Episode 1 Thirsty Bird 77 links

Season 1


Being a lady who has served time, i must say this is hilarious. Some points bang on others not to much. Love this show. Glad i started watching
I just started watching this show a few days ago. Even though I can see things coming, I still want to see what these people will do. It's well written and somewhat intricate...I am enjoying it quite a bit. The end of the last episode of the first season had me laughing my ass off--but only because of the build up of the previous episodes. Anyone who enjoys a good, intelligent story should probably give this a watch.
@starlitnite82 You were right. It took three eps for me to get hooked on the show. Thanks. Enjoy!
@starlitnite82 Thanks for the advice. If i like the show after a few more eps i'll drop you a comment. Cheers
All of my friends have been telling me I need to watch this show. I've been seeing the previews and didn't think it would grab my attention but I still decided to give it a try. I'm addicted. I don't know how this isn't on normal cable. I absolutely LOVE this show!
@papa1981 keep going it will hook ya in a few this iz by far one of my faves everone i have talked 2 love it
This show hasn't fully got my vote yet but i'm still going to give it a go.
@jmockj I could NEVER get through with that diet. I Mean I freaking finished season two in A day.
There isn't anything about this show that I do not like. LOL @jmockj ''Meth face got teeth....''.
How did i miss this show i just watched both seasons in less than 24 hours love this show 10/10.
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