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Quiet Minds / Episode 15

Neal finds himself back in Storybrooke, as flashbacks show Baelfire and Belle attempt to bring Rumplestiltskin back from the dead...

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Can't get enough of this series. Way better than season 2. You just got to hate that wicked witch and suddenly Regina is miss wonderful.
No Spoiling just Speculating: Season picking up good episode finally more answers filled in. knew it couldn't had been the end for Gold feel the same for someone else, I wonder after all the monkeys are changed will Emma's ex will feel remorse, perhaps he loved the witch & would do anything for her.
I loved this episode, and i loved when Regina and Robin Hood have scenes together, and how she put the pieces together. Quick question to people who watch 'The Tomorrow people', in the year before flashbacks is that guy the same guy who plays the founder? It looks like it. This season is soo good!
This was one crazy episode. Zelena's going down but it's gonna be a hard fought fight. Was I the only one who thought that when she put her hand on Snow's belly, something bad was gonna happen to the baby?
@slapshot Season 2 was kinda boring but I think the only thing that gave it some life was the introduction of Hook.
i swear to god I loved the first season of this show, got bored of the second season and am now re invested and hooked about season 3.
eewoowwwieee ... that was just ... gggrrrr ... and oh my goodness it was ... uuuugghhh and aarrrrggghhhhh ... episode was just AweSoMe ... hehe ☺ ☺ ☺
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