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Misfits 2009

A group of young offenders doing community service get struck by lightning during a storm, and begin to develop superpowers...

Tom Green, Jonathan van Tulleken, Tom Harper, Wayne Yip, China Moo-Young, Owen Harris, Alex Garcia Lopez, William Sinclair, Nirpal Bhogal, Lawrence Gough, William McGregor, Dusan Lazarevic, Lewis Arnold, Amanda Boyle ...
Charlie Hollway, Liz May Brice, Shaun Dooley, Ruth Sheen, Matthew McNulty, Lee Long, Rick Warden, Josef Altin, Francis Magee, Dexter Fletcher, Nathan Constance, Craig Parkinson, Jayne Wisener, Edward Hogg, Jay Taylor, Mark Heap, Alex Reid, John Moraitis, Gemma Lawrence, Danny Sapani, Adrian Rawlins, Charlene McKenna, Juliet Cowan, Clare Welch, Charles Mnene, Jack Bence, Justin Edwards, Roland MacLeod, Phil Daniels, Michael Müller, Lucy Gaskell, Catrin Stewart, Chandra Ruegg, Kyle Summercorn, Craig Vye, Robert Sheehan, Louis Decosta Johnson, Joseph Gilgun, Klariza Clayton, Richard Riddell, Sean Francis, Michelle Fairley, Sandra Maitland, Diveen Henry, Marc Baylis, Ruth Negga, Jo Stone-Fewings, Lauren Socha, Nathan McMullen, Lydia Wilson, Susy Kane, Jamie Blackley, Ben Smith, Danielle Victoria Sambrook, Erin Richards, Gwyneth Keyworth, Michael Winder, Joanna Jeffrees, Oliver Lansley, Nadine Lewington, Riann Steele, Sydney Stevenson, Evelyn Hoskins, Jordan Metcalfe, Michael Marcus, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Louise Ford, Michael Obiora, Velile Tshabalala, Sam Keeley, Luke Harris, Ciaran O'Brien, Anna Koval, Iwan Rheon, Gareth Farr, Joshua McGuire, Claire Prempeh, Natasha O'Keeffe, Antonia Thomas, Jamie Davis, Sydney White, Jessica Brown Findlay, Bunmi Mojekwu, Florence Bell, Susan Wokoma, Nailah Cumberbatch, Karla Crome, Eleanor Wyld, Katie Moore, James Boyland, Kehinde Fadipe, Arlo Fitter-Clarke, Hannah Britland, Nick Blood, Royce Pierreson, Rosie Day, Nicholas Burns, Jack Donnelly, Claire Rafferty, Anna-Maria Nabirye, Eve Ponsonby, Jenny Bede, Sophie Miller-Sheen, Ellie Turner, Lucia Kendrick, Amal Al-Agroobi, Paul Brown, Frankie Clarence, Lawrence Carmichael, Glen Coe, Ian Murray, Laura Corcoran, Jordan Lunn ...
Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy ...

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Solar rating: 8.9


Imdb rating: 8.4

Latest Episode: Episode #5.8 (s05e08) December 11, 2013

The gang discover that their community service is over and begin to contemplate life after the orange jumpsuits

Season 5

December 11, 2013 Episode 8 Episode #5.8 36 links
December 4, 2013 Episode 7 Episode #5.7 37 links
November 27, 2013 Episode 6 Episode #5.6 38 links
November 20, 2013 Episode 5 Episode #5.5 25 links
November 13, 2013 Episode 4 Episode #5.4 17 links
November 6, 2013 Episode 3 Episode #5.3 19 links
October 30, 2013 Episode 2 Episode #5.2 41 links
October 23, 2013 Episode 1 Episode #5.1 35 links

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1


Love this show.
Honestly, they should have stopped the series at season 3 because afterward it just got really bad. The whole story lost all its value the second season 3 was over, though I still think season 3 wasn't as good as season 1&2.
I like season 1 and 2 <3
list of episode titles for each season
EP 1 - Community Payback
EP 2 - Young Volunteer
EP 3 - Shygirl18
EP 4 - Turn Back Time
EP 5 - Fatherly Duties
EP 6 - Virtue
EP 1 - Lucy, The Shape Shifter
EP 2 - Jamie & Nikki
EP 3 - Tattoo Parlour, Tattoo Artist, or Tattoo Prediction
EP 4 - The Teleporter
EP 5 - Immortality
EP 6 - Dairy Manipulation
EP 7 - Christmas Special
EP 0 - Vegas Baby
EP 1 - New Powers
EP 2 - Alter Ego
EP 3 - Superhoodie
EP 4 - kill Hitler
EP 5 - Community Centre
EP 6 - Super Powered STD's
EP 6.5 - Erazer
EP 7 - Taste for Blood
EP 8 - Unfinished Business
EP 1 - New Community Service
EP 2 - Vocal Power
EP 3 - Rudy Three, Rudy Two, Rudy One
EP 4 - A Misandrist Sociopath
EP 5 - Anal Mary
EP 6 - Proud "1" Final "100"
EP 7 - Missing P*nis Mission
EP 8 - Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
EP 1 - Agents of Satan
EP 2 - He Can Fly
EP 3 - Scary
EP 4 - Closet Homosexual
EP 5 - Power Support Group
EP 6 - The Superhero Sweater
EP 7 - The 1st Anniversary of the Storm
EP 8 - Community Service
@scorpionlgr I thought season 3 was fabulous. It might even be my favorite.
cant wait for the movie its about Simon when he time travels back to save everyone
The first couple of seasons were really good, then it got a bit weak in the storyline.
Sad they ended this show, I really liked the last cast, mainly Rudy 1. Finale was decent, but I still want more! I would die for a movie with an epic superhero battle.
Last Episode
Misfits: Season 5, Episode 1
(23 Oct. 2013)
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