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Hannibal 2013

Explores the early relationship between the renowned psychiatrist and his patient, a young FBI criminal profiler, who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial killers...

Tim Hunter, Michael Rymer, David Slade, Guillermo Navarro, John Dahl, James Foley, Peter Medak, Vincenzo Natali, David Semel ...
Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, Aidan Devine, Michael Pitt, Lance Henriksen, Cynthia Nixon, Jeremy Davies, Krista Bridges, Laurence Fishburne, Dan Fogler, Cynthia Preston, Chelan Simmons, Gillian Anderson, Raúl Esparza, Ellen Muth, Richard Chevolleau, Scott Thompson, John Benjamin Hickey, Gina Torres, Kevan Kase, Jason Blicker, Molly Shannon, Mark Rendall, Aaron Abrams, Al Vrkljan, Billy Parrott, Eddie Izzard, Ellen Greene, Austin Macdonald, Anna Chlumsky, Duncan McLeod, Wayne Downer, Caroline Dhavernas, Craig Thomas, Lara Jean Chorostecki, Lindsey Connell, Suzanne Coy, Vincent Rother, Darrin Brown, Hettienne Park, Shant Srabian, Todd Dulmage, Chris Diamantopoulos, Vladimir Jon Cubrt, Wayne Ward, George Masswohl, Demore Barnes, Omar Habib, Ryan Field, Max White, Michael Park Ingram, Kacey Rohl, Bernadette Couture, Seann Gallagher, Severn Thompson, Hilary Jardine, Brendan Heard, Dominique Bisson, Graeme Jokic, Emily Klassen, Holly Deveaux, Sydney Cross, Pierre Simpson, Mark Munro, Michael Torontow, Michael James Regan, Sarah Evans, Zachary Bloch, Diane Johnstone, Azeem Nathoo, Rob Norman, Darren Josephs, Nicholas Bode, Mark O'Brien, Mark Waters, Brendee Green, Audra Yulanda Gray, Wayne Hissong, Brendan Halloran, Adam Winlove-Smith, Emma Gibbs, Steven Pigozzo, Krista Patton, Torianna Lee, Marcel Lewis, Brittney Johnston, Earl-Antham Chrysostom, Kalen Davidson, Eve Gane, Elana McMurtry, Ana Shepherd, Carter Siddall, Eve Ganes, Kaiman Teevins, Daniel von Diergardt, Greg Dunfield, Sophie Holdstock, Jessie Saunders-Drutz ...
Drama, Horror, Thriller, Crime ...

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Solar rating: 9.4


Imdb rating: 8.6

Latest Episode: Mizumono (s02e13) May 23, 2014

Hannibal is getting ready to face Agent Jack. Will Graham is preparing for justice to be served by catching Hannibal in act. But Hannibal has some surprises up his sleeves

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May 23, 2014 Episode 13 Mizumono 144 links
May 16, 2014 Episode 12 Tome-wan 144 links
May 9, 2014 Episode 11 Ko No Mono 126 links
May 2, 2014 Episode 10 Naka-Choko 130 links
April 25, 2014 Episode 9 Shiizakana 131 links
April 18, 2014 Episode 8 Su-zakana 119 links
April 11, 2014 Episode 7 Yakimono 120 links
April 4, 2014 Episode 6 Futamono 113 links
March 28, 2014 Episode 5 Mukozuke 125 links
March 21, 2014 Episode 4 Takiawase 145 links
March 14, 2014 Episode 3 Hassun 128 links
March 7, 2014 Episode 2 Sakizuki 111 links
February 28, 2014 Episode 1 Kaiseki 54 links

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"Hannibal" is slated to premiere its third season on NBC in 2015. Bit of a wait but i bet it'll be worth it! Brilliant series this!
favorite show
Awesome ! after French cuisine now its Japanese :-D Kinda makes me hungry ... yum yum
I am glad that Season 3 is confirmed! :D
that left me devastated,hounted!hannibal the king of darkness!!
That's going to stick with me for a long time.
That certainly didn't end the way I thought it would.
Awesome finale. Just Amazing.
@nursepip LOL I have decided to make Vikings and GOT my number 1's. I cannot decide one above the other. They are tied. LOL
@kkjones420 OK kk so how does this fit in if GoT and Vikings are your #1 and 2 ? THought you were just saying ya couldn't pick btw those two and now you've got a real dilemma (hehe).
All I can say is, Thank goodness we have more than 1 excellent show to watch and great acting like Mads in Hannibal is a key