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Golden Boy 2013

Walter Clark is destined to be the youngest police commissioner in the history of the NYPD. This is the story of how it came to be. It begins 7 years before he became commissioner, when he...

Richard Shepard, Jace Alexander, Matthew Penn, Jamie Babbit, Karen Gaviola, Nick Gomez, Mike Listo, Constantine Makris, Paul McCrane, Vincent Misiano, Michael W. Watkins, Matthew Penn ...
Michael Madsen, Bruce Faulk, Juan Carlos Hernández, Holt McCallany, Takako Haywood, William Sadler, Amanda Setton, Joey Auzenne, Sharon Washington, Timothy Adams, Dan Hedaya, Robert John Burke, Lola Glaudini, Pat Kiernan, Richard Kind, Gary Tacon, Al Sapienza, Shabazz Ray, James Biberi, Nick Chinlund, Curtiss Cook, Andrew Stewart-Jones, James Naughton, Lil Rhee, Dominic Marcus, Robbie Sublett, Chi McBride, Albert Jones, John Finn, Christopher Evan Welch, Ron Yuan, Mario D'Leon, Grant Monohon, Jim R. Coleman, Jason Furlani, Chance Kelly, Deep Katdare, Aaron Berg, Charles Malik Whitfield, Hisham Tawfiq, Sean Ringgold, Bill Walters, Steven Weisz, Bonnie Somerville, Tamara Tunie, Jermel Howard, Cheryl Wills, Kevin O'Donnell, Peter Scanavino, Brandon Goins, Erik Dellums, Kevin Alejandro, Tuffy Questell, Alexander Cendese, Turron Kofi Alleyne, Jimmy Palumbo, Odette Annable, Marc Webster, McCaleb Burnett, Carol Commissiong, Thaddeus Daniels, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Alexis Suarez, Steve Lord, Ian Blackman, Michael Aronov, Samantha Buck, Valarie Pettiford, Rey Lucas, James Heaphy, Michael Pemberton, Marcus Carl Franklin, Rosa Arredondo, Stella Maeve, Tobias Segal, Brian Avers, Ryan Woodle, Polly Draper, Peter Iasillo Jr., Michelle Hurd, John Auer, Jeb Brown, Juri Henley-Cohn, David Shih, Jamil Mena, Paul Urcioli, Andrea Navedo, Lizan Mitchell, Karen Malina White, Alexandra Vino, Brandon Gill, Rosemary Howard, Theo James, Paul Fitzgerald, Caitlin Benya, Joseph Urban, Maxfield Lund, Alex Kruz, Dina Cataldi, Anastasia Barzee, Chinasa Ogbuagu, Robyn Payne, Danny Henriquez, Paul Jude Letersky, Alison Bartlett, Susan Kelechi Watson, Dylan Prince, Kevin D'Arcy, April Wilkner, Don Guillory, Corey Hawkins, Alano Miller, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Patrick Murney, Briana Marin, Joshua Torrez, Subhash Mandal, D.K. Bowser, Nora Armani, Ryan Jonze, Arthur Gerunda, Chris Santangelo, Stephanie Brait, Kersti Bryan, Larry Gregory, Carman Lacivita, Montego Glover, Sandra Mills Scott, Raul Casso, Nick Kowalczyk, Nicolette Pierini, Sheryl McCallum, Joseph J. Parks, Andhy Méndez, Roe Hartrampf, Sebastian Martinez, Alesandra Assante, Shawn Gonzalez, Dennis Rees, Lalaine Fabi, Eric Morris, Michael Basile, Michael Metta, Jon Ash, Sorika Horng, José Báez, Thomas D. Weaver, George Signoriello, Kenneth Kopolovicz, Gerard Sullivan, David Antoine, David Gibson, Jeanette Dilone, Victoria Bolton, Donald Paul, Chinaza Uche, Audrey Esparza, Richard Bird, Amanda M. Rodriguez, Tim Falter, Elizabeth Alderfer, Kyle Anderson, Kevin Michael Kennedy, Jake Choi, Sue Kim, Luc Owono, Rajeev Pahuja, Glenn Fleary, Finn Alexander, Rachel Barrer, Elijah Boothe, Vanessa Rubio, Harper Carroll, Jay Horton, Dipti Mehta, Hilary Michael Thompson, Kevin Howard Jr., Blaze Mancillas, Shaun Woodland, Maliq Johnson, Jessica Perez, Kealys Vargas, Christopher Vega, Margot Bingham, Marcus A. Carr, Annie Jackson, Maciej Ochalik, Temple K Barros, Danielle Duboise, Mercedes Díaz, Helena Etz, Ryan Roth, Robert James Watkins, Thomas D. Weaver, Trieste Kelly Dunn ...
Drama ...

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Solar rating: 9.2


Imdb rating: 7.2

Latest Episode: Next Question (s01e13) May 14, 2013

Clark pending the investigation into his questionable shooting, finds himself stripped of his gun and badge and placed on restricted duty. He learns that his father saw Angie and is not

Season 1

May 14, 2013 Episode 13 Next Question 11 links
May 7, 2013 Episode 12 Beast of Burden 17 links
April 30, 2013 Episode 11 Longshot 18 links
April 23, 2013 Episode 10 Sacrifice 12 links
April 16, 2013 Episode 9 Atonement 18 links
April 9, 2013 Episode 8 Scapegoat 19 links
April 2, 2013 Episode 7 McKenzie on Fire 16 links
March 26, 2013 Episode 6 Just Say No 17 links
March 19, 2013 Episode 5 Vicious Cycle 17 links
March 12, 2013 Episode 4 Role Models 18 links
March 8, 2013 Episode 3 Young Guns 19 links
March 5, 2013 Episode 2 The Price of Revenge 18 links
February 26, 2013 Episode 1 Pilot 4 links


Such a great show! Why did they cancel it? I bet they wouldn't have knowing how big of a star Theo was going to be. Netflix should pick this series back up! Bring it back!
What?! I wanna know more!!! D: Why did this end?! Grr...
I'm just reading the posts below, about this show being canceled. Bummer. This was a great show, with engaging characters, and good writing.
Sure they do! LOL
WE just dont count! Or erm "get counted".
Sorry to see it go! Was a wonderful show. Cheers...
very disappointed just looked this show up and found out that is was indeed canceled by CBS. I thought this one was one of the better new shows of the season. Just goes to show that although I liked it and it seems I wasn't the only one the network decided it wasn't good enough. Sorry to see it go.
I think this show is getting canceled.. I hope I'm wrong..
this show gets better and better with each passing episode :)
this is one of the best new shows this season hopefully it makes the grade and sticks around.
good show again tonight. I was alil surprised how consisted it has been.
If your into crime drama this is a Awesome show to watch. Golden Boy was created by Nicholas Wootton. The series is about the meteoric rise of an ambitious cop who becomes the youngest police commissioner in the history of New York City, and the high personal and professional cost he pays to achieve it. As he's interviewed for a story about his career, Walter William Clark, Jr. (Theo James) flashes back on his hard-fought journey from street kid to the most powerful man in law enforcement.
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