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Winter Is Coming / Episode 1

Jon Arryn, the Hand of the King, is dead. King Robert Baratheon plans to ask his oldest friend, Eddard Stark, to take Jon's place. Across the sea, Viserys Targaryen plans to wed his sister to a nomadic warlord in exchange for an army...

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@dopilus you're right, i just started watching it again since season 5 is close and I forgot a few things, I've noticed and learned somethings I haven't known about from watching it the first time.
I have just finished reading GOT and am starting Clash of Kings. I'm not sure why this isn't named A Song of Fire and Ice, being that GOT is only the 1st book of five in the series. Anyway I decided to rewatch at least season one. I have a much deeper appreciation for it now. Thus far very true to the book. I remember the 1st time around how hard it was to keep track of who was who, and which house was which house.
After hearing SO many things about this show Finally just gve it a watch.And thinking Why on earth have I've not been watching this?This is a Wicked show already in just the first episode and can say its a Must watch! Gotta watch the Rest of the episodes now!
@dopilus hahaaa . . great minds ;)

If that's not Australian time, dops, I think I'm gona miss it :(
@Trauma65 ... lol I did the same thing last weekend, I swear. You pick up on so many thing's you hadn't the first time around.
P.S. Don't miss the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse tonight! Lasts all the way unti 3:21 EST (there about 80 minutes left*)
I can't wait till next week. I'm watching the whole darn series again :D
Still good even after reading the book first.
one of the best tv shows of all time
Enjoying re-watching GOT all over again in readiness for the new season. Just love this show so much.
If you haven't read the books yet, you're in for a real treat.
Buy the books, but don't read them yet. While the series is nearly perfect as far as following the books, some of the events are rearranged, and a few characters were left out altogether. You won't miss them, unless you read the books first. ;)
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