Co-Ed Confidential
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Co-Ed Confidential 2007

A frat house notorious for parties is turned into a co-ed residence for four freshmen under the supervision of a graduate student and her occasional boyfriend, a party animal from the closed fraternity...

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Imdb rating: 7.2

Latest Episode: Clothing Optional (s01e05) November 30, 2007

Ophelia's interest in exotic dancing results in the Omega House gang taking a wild road trip to a strip bar. Meanwhile, Jose's virginal girlfriend has a big secret that promises to shake things up

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January 25, 2008 Episode 13 Happy Endings 0 links You have a link?
January 18, 2008 Episode 12 Butt Naked 0 links You have a link?
January 11, 2008 Episode 11 I Don't 0 links You have a link?
January 4, 2008 Episode 10 When Virgins Attack 0 links You have a link?
December 28, 2007 Episode 9 The Climax Killer 0 links You have a link?
December 21, 2007 Episode 8 The Intervention 0 links You have a link?
December 15, 2007 Episode 7 Blind Date 0 links You have a link?
December 7, 2007 Episode 6 I Never 0 links You have a link?
November 30, 2007 Episode 5 Clothing Optional 1 link
November 24, 2007 Episode 4 Breaking Up 1 link
November 17, 2007 Episode 3 Of Co-ed Bondage 1 link
November 9, 2007 Episode 2 What a Rush 1 link
November 2, 2007 Episode 1 The First Time 1 link

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