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Breaking Bad 2008

A high school chemistry teacher turns to a life of crime in order to provide for his family's future...

Michelle MacLaren, Adam Bernstein, Vince Gilligan, Colin Bucksey, Michael Slovis, Bryan Cranston, Terry McDonough, Johan Renck, Rian Johnson, Scott Winant, Peter Gould, Tricia Brock, Bronwen Hughes, Tim Hunter, Jim McKay, Phil Abraham, John Dahl, Félix Enríquez Alcalá, Charles Haid, Peter Medak, John Shiban, David Slade, George Mastras, Thomas Schnauz, Sam Catlin ...
Max Arciniega, David Ury, Steven Bauer, Jeremy Howard, Danny Trejo, Dan Desmond, Nigel Gibbs, Catherine Haun, David House, Jamie Haqqani, Noah Segan, Christopher Dempsey, Mike Miller, Tess Harper, Jim Beaver, Michael Shamus Wiles, Jonathan Banks, Bryan Cranston, Jessica Hecht, Krysten Ritter, Dale Dickey, Mark Margolis, Angelo Martinez, Pierre Barrera, Robert Anthony Brass, Emily Rios, Steve Corona, Giancarlo Esposito, Louis Herthum, Carlo Rota, Clark Sanchez, Cliff Gravel, Maurice Compte, William T. Johnson, Sam McMurray, Todd Terry, John de Lancie, Jesse Plemons, Raymond Cruz, Jeremiah Bitsui, Dean Norris, Aaron Paul, David Costabile, Michael Showers, Sheran Goodspeed Keyton, Caleb Landry Jones, Jesus Jr., John Koyama, Kyle Bornheimer, Nate Mooney, Charlie Rose, Bob Odenkirk, Wolf Muser, Steven Michael Quezada, Mark Harelik, Trina E. Siopy, Michael Sheets, Christopher Cousins, Luis Moncada, Anna Gunn, Damon Herriman, Charles Baker, Mike Seal, Antonio Leyba, Joe Freeman, Jere Burns, Julie Dretzin, Tina Parker, Michael-David Aragon, Karen M. Hudson, Cesar Garcia, Steve Cormier, Jack Burning, Rio Alexander, Ricardo Andres, Rob Brownstein, Tom Kiesche, Mike Batayeh, Tavia Schwartz, Michael Bofshever, Chad Brummett, Tish Rayburn-Miller, Chris Freihofer, Jason E. Hill, James Martinez, Fran Martone, Kevin Christopher Brown, Carmen Serano, Javier Grajeda, Michael Valverde, Eric Steinig, Mark Vasconcellos, Kathy Rose Center, Morse Bicknell, Marius Stan, Tiley Chao, Louise Stange-Wahl, Trine Christensen, Laura Lyman, Linda Speciale, Dick Christie, James Espinoza, Tony Whitecrow, Shannon McCormick, Lavell Crawford, Bill Burr, Sam Webb, Juliet Lopez, Jennifer Hasty, Grizelda Quintana, Judith Rane, Lou Pimber, Carole Gutierrez, Matt Jones, Julianne Flores, Craig Nigh, RJ Mitte, Betsy Brandt, Daniel Moncada, Rodney Rush, Julia Minesci, Jason Byrd, Ian Posada, Jonathan Ragsdale, Ashley Kajiki, Dana Cortez, Joshua S. Patton, Shane Marinson, Anthony Wamego, Kyle Swimmer, Andrew Lutheran, John Christopher Hicks, Jimmy Daniels, Reis Myers McCormick, Erin Miller-Gibbs, Taylor Dearden, Mario Moreno, Cicelo Solano, Ashleigh Banfield, Kaija Bales, J. Taylor, Parker Sisty, Jose Avila, Ruben Munoz-Soto, Virginia Montero, Rebecca Crago, James Ning, Ray Campbell, Victoria Aultman, Matt Berlin, Phil Duran, Dean Norris, Louis Ferreira, Fred Cruz, Will Ontiveros, Bill Peterson, Aaron Wright, Lillian Presley Leyba, Taber Cross, Christopher King, Patricio Delgado, Millard Drexler, Victoria Lease ...
Drama, Thriller, Crime ...

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Solar rating: 9.5


Imdb rating: 9.6

Latest Episode: Felina (s05e16) September 29, 2013

Walt ties up whatever loose ends are left as the end draws near

Season 5

September 29, 2013 Episode 16 Felina 120 links
September 22, 2013 Episode 15 Granite State 120 links
September 15, 2013 Episode 14 Ozymandias 111 links
September 8, 2013 Episode 13 To'hajiilee 105 links
September 1, 2013 Episode 12 Rabid Dog 99 links
August 25, 2013 Episode 11 Confessions 101 links
August 18, 2013 Episode 10 Buried 104 links
August 11, 2013 Episode 9 Blood Money 102 links
September 2, 2012 Episode 8 Gliding Over All 87 links
August 26, 2012 Episode 7 Say My Name 89 links
August 19, 2012 Episode 6 Buyout 88 links
August 12, 2012 Episode 5 Dead Freight 84 links
August 5, 2012 Episode 4 Fifty-One 89 links
July 29, 2012 Episode 3 Hazard Pay 89 links
July 22, 2012 Episode 2 Madrigal 91 links
July 15, 2012 Episode 1 Live Free or Die 84 links

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1


I just wanna see Better call saul already.
@toke Theres rumours of a movie from what i heard
I've been hearing rumors of a season 6, although I honestly don't think it needs another season. It ended a lot better then most shows do.
very good show
Best show ever!
The best show cable T.V has had in a long time. Most intense final season of a show I have seen.
What do you mean? They finished this show, just fine. :P
You no what really sucks is the writers of this show refused to finish it. I really hope they never get hired to write another show ever again.
I've never had cable TV before, so i didn't know this show existed up until a couple of years ago. This is great!
Just finished Season 4. Really shocked at the turn of events in the finale, but of course, I won't say anything because I'm sure there are a few people out there, like myself, that have still yet to watch the entirety of this amazing show. Kinda nervous about finishing it because I'm not sure how many more amazing shows I'm going to be able to find to fill the void this one will leave.
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