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Boardwalk Empire 2010

Chronicles the life and times of Nucky Thompson, the undisputed ruler of Atlantic City, who was equal parts politician and gangster...

Emily Meade, Vincent Piazza, Michael Zegen, Dabney Coleman, Dominic Chianese, Adam Mucci, Stephen Graham, Charlie Cox, Michael Pitt, Tom Aldredge, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Nicholson, Tom Stratford, Gretchen Mol, Robert Bizik, Christopher McDonald, Michael Shannon, Ken Sladyk, Nick Sandow, John Rue, Dana Ivey, Michael Badalucco, Edoardo Ballerini, William Forsythe, Shea Whigham, Aleksa Palladino, Peter McRobbie, Rich Rothbell, Michael Stuhlbarg, Chris Mulkey, William Hill, Paz de la Huerta, Kelly Macdonald, Jack Huston, Dan Marshall, Ivo Nandi, Max Casella, Michael Cumpsty, Ann Marie Seall, Jordan Gelber, Vince Giordano, Kevin O'Rourke, Michael Dean, Enid Graham, Victor Verhaeghe, Erik LaRay Harvey, Lisa Joyce, John Joseph Gallagher, Todd Fredericks, Ed Jewett, Ted Rooney, Tracy Middendorf, Anna Katarina, Susan Varon, Franklin Ojeda Smith, Robert Clohessy, Felicity Stiverson, Frank Crudele, Louis Vanaria, John Mainieri, Curt Bouril, Al Linea, David Aaron Baker, Eric L. Abrams, Samuel Taylor, Chris Cenatiempo, Peter Riga, Bill Sage, Chase Coleman, Johnnie Mae, Nic Novicki, Nicky Julius, Eddie Noone, Peter Van Wagner, William Ward, Paul Sparks, Allen Lewis Rickman, Danny Burstein, Joseph Riccobene, Eric Schneider, Kevin Carolan, Erik Weiner, Rory McTigue, Declan McTigue, Aija Terauda, T.J. Kenneally, Mark Manley, Richard Patterson, John Keating, Frank Root, Anatol Yusef, Fiana Toibin, Kevin Henderson, Glenn Fleshler, Joe Rusnak, Charleigh E. Parker, Stephen DeRosa, Joe Aniska, Costa Nicolas, Sean Weil, Ian Bonner, Nicholas Alexander Martino, McKenzie Shea, Anthony Laciura, Brady Noon, Connor Noon, Lucy Gallina, Josie Gallina, Greg Antonacci, Edward McGinty, Megan Reinking, Josiah Early, Peter Claymore, Virginia Kull, Pierre O'Farrell, Barbara Tirrell, Tracy Sallows, Lindsay Zehra Ozgunay, Pearce Bunting, Jodie Sanders, Kylie Sanders, Frank Shattuck, Faith Sandberg, Nisi Sturgis, Susan Wands, Mat Hostetler, Kenn Mann, Maggie Steele, Kimberly Huston, Solomon Shiv, Julian Rozzell Jr., Kathryn Avery, Sarah Skogland, Jennifer Bowles, Steven L. Barron, Justiin A. Davis, Jacqueline Pennewill, Amy Warren, Charlie Plummer, Heather Lind, Joel Brady, Natalie Wachen, Kate Harpootlian, Emily Tyra, Thomas Endres, Devin Harjes, Brandon Zumsteg, McKenna Kerrigan, Doug Sheppard, Rony Clanton, Dieter Riesle, , ...
Drama, History, Crime ...

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Solar rating: 9.7


Imdb rating: 8.7

Latest Episode: Farewell Daddy Blues (s04e12) November 24, 2013

Eli braces for the worst as Agent Knox launches his plan to bring Nucky down. Capone and Torrio reach an agreement in Cicero. Chalky looks to settle scores. Richard steps forward to save Tommy, at Gillian's expense

Season 5

Season 4

November 24, 2013 Episode 12 Farewell Daddy Blues 94 links
November 17, 2013 Episode 11 Havre de Grace 94 links
November 10, 2013 Episode 10 White Horse Pike 87 links
November 3, 2013 Episode 9 Marriage and Hunting 98 links
October 27, 2013 Episode 8 The Old Ship of Zion 102 links
October 20, 2013 Episode 7 William Wilson 115 links
October 13, 2013 Episode 6 The North Star 104 links
October 6, 2013 Episode 5 Erlkönig 89 links
September 29, 2013 Episode 4 All In 106 links
September 22, 2013 Episode 3 Acres of Diamonds 78 links
September 15, 2013 Episode 2 Resignation 57 links
September 8, 2013 Episode 1 New York Sour 58 links

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The final episode of season 4 is amazing, probably the best I've seen in this series.
@pineappleExpress trust us their is some action in there. There is some hell of good action in this show along with plenty of T&A :P This show is no doubt a 9/10.
...yeah maybe that was a bit stupid. I was acting in the emotion of seeing the episode.
It seems like i cannot delete it though.
@pineappleExpress season 1 is very slow. its all plot building. i promise season 2 picks up, season 3 is AWESOME with one of the best season finales and season 4 was great too. the action picks up from season 2-4. the real gangsters come out to play. dont give up till you
@vhollund lets not be an IDIOT and ruin this season finale for others. do me a favor, dont even leave comments if the only thing you gotta say is what happens in the episode. your lucky ive watched this already but many others havent.
ive watched like 5 episodes already, and i cant seem to enjoy the show. just seems like all talking
@WVfem According to HBOwatch, it was confirmed for a 5th season, due next fall.
@Darthintrepid I agree! I am confused, though. Is next week's episode the end of this series? If so, it will be missed!
I tried to hold out for the end-of-season marathon, but just couldn't resist. This is still one the greatest period pieces ever done.
Every scene has a level of intrigue to it, and every character interaction still manages to further define them, making them more and more substantial with each passing episode.
The conclusions have a great way of being more than endings, opening up more avenues to a world created with a brilliance that seems like it could be right outside your front door.
This show is like watching a piece of History. With the rise of Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Young J Edgar Hoover, and of course Enoch L. Johnson. Or know as Nucky Thompson. Love this show!