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Boardwalk Empire 2010

An Atlantic City politician plays both sides of the law, conspiring with gangsters during the Prohibition era...

Timothy Van Patten, Allen Coulter, Jeremy Podeswa, Ed Bianchi, Brad Anderson, Alik Sakharov, Simon Cellan Jones, Brian Kirk, Martin Scorsese, Alan Taylor, David Petrarca, Susanna White, Kari Skogland, Jake Paltrow ...
Emily Meade, Vincent Piazza, Michael Zegen, Casey Cipriani, Dabney Coleman, Dominic Chianese, Adam Mucci, Stephen Graham, Charlie Cox, Nicholas Wyman, Michael Pitt, Tom Aldredge, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Nicholson, Tom Stratford, Gretchen Mol, Robert Bizik, Christopher McDonald, Michael Shannon, Brad Aldous, Marceline Hugot, Ken Sladyk, Brian Geraghty, Jonathon Ruckman, Nick Sandow, John Rue, Dana Ivey, Michael Badalucco, Edoardo Ballerini, Edward James Hyland, William Forsythe, Heather Chase, Shea Whigham, Drena De Niro, Aleksa Palladino, Peter McRobbie, Rich Rothbell, Tony Rossi, Michael Stuhlbarg, Omar Scroggins, Chris Mulkey, William Hill, Paz de la Huerta, Kelly Macdonald, Jack Huston, Dan Marshall, Ivo Nandi, Max Casella, Michael Cumpsty, Tyson Hall, Ann Marie Seall, Boris McGiver, Jordan Gelber, Vince Giordano, Kevin O'Rourke, Michael Dean, Enid Graham, Victor Verhaeghe, Erik LaRay Harvey, Lisa Joyce, John Joseph Gallagher, Todd Fredericks, Ed Jewett, Ted Rooney, Tracy Middendorf, Anna Katarina, Susan Varon, Franklin Ojeda Smith, Robert Clohessy, Felicity Stiverson, Frank Crudele, Louis Vanaria, John Mainieri, Curt Bouril, Al Linea, Tommaso Antico, David Aaron Baker, Simone Assboeck, Edmund Genest, Eric L. Abrams, Samuel Taylor, Chris Cenatiempo, Judy Del Giudice, Peter Riga, Bill Sage, Chase Coleman, Johnnie Mae, Nic Novicki, Nicky Julius, Katherine Waterston, Eddie Noone, Peter Van Wagner, Michael Halsey, William Ward, Helmar Augustus Cooper, Paul Locke, Paul Sparks, Allen Lewis Rickman, Danny Burstein, Joseph Riccobene, John Bolton, M. Xavier O'Connor, Todd Davis, Samuel Ray Gates, Eric Schneider, Kevin Carolan, Erik Weiner, Ben Eckstein, Rory McTigue, Declan McTigue, Aija Terauda, Pierce Cravens, Ellie Braverman, T.J. Kenneally, Mark Manley, Chloe Arnold, Richard Patterson, John Keating, Frank Root, Anatol Yusef, Christian Kauffmann, Billy Magnussen, Fiana Toibin, Kevin Henderson, Glenn Fleshler, Joe Rusnak, Charleigh E. Parker, Stephen DeRosa, Ashley Wren Collins, Matthew Broadley, Joseph Aniska, Jeffrey Schecter, Rick Crom, Costa Nicolas, Sean Weil, Miriam Pultro, Ian Bonner, Kristen Schiano, Kate Loprest, Fran Lieu, Nicholas Alexander Martino, McKenzie Shea, Allen Holloway, Anthony Laciura, Brady Noon, Connor Noon, Lucy Gallina, Josie Gallina, Greg Antonacci, Edward McGinty, Megan Reinking, Josiah Early, Peter Claymore, Virginia Kull, Pierre O'Farrell, Barbara Tirrell, Tracy Sallows, Lindsay Zehra Ozgunay, Pearce Bunting, Jodie Sanders, Kylie Sanders, Frank Shattuck, Faith Sandberg, Nisi Sturgis, Susan Wands, Mat Hostetler, Kenn Mann, Maggie Steele, Kimberly Huston, Austin Jones, Jen Ponton, Zac Henry, Nneoma Nkuku, Kathryn Barnhardt, Solomon Shiv, Julian Rozzell Jr., Kathryn Avery, Sarah Skogland, Jennifer Bowles, Woodrow Morton, Steven L. Barron, Lynne Valley, Rob Sheridan, Dameka Hayes, Brian Harlan Brooks, Justiin A. Davis, Jacqueline Pennewill, Amy Warren, Charlie Plummer, Louis Cancelmi, Heather Lind, Joel Brady, Natalie Wachen, Kate Harpootlian, Emily Tyra, Thomas Endres, Devin Harjes, Ty Robinson, Nate Dern, Brandon Zumsteg, Olan Montgomery, McKenna Kerrigan, Doug Sheppard, Robyn Young, Rony Clanton, Dieter Riesle, Liz Logan, Alessandro Nicolaci, Danny McCarthy, Chris Koch, Gillian Abbott, Jacob Knoll, Mary Grill, Richard Meiman, Ally Brunetti, Alexander Jameson, Renan Kanbay, Donald Paul, Kylie Cast, Kurt Meier, Evie Paller, Gary Schnakenberg, Aaron J. Savage, Rhonda Ayers, Chris Skeries, Eva Carrozza, Lee Cunningham, Thomas Philip O'Neill, Rachel McPhee, Oakes Fegley, Alexander Ryan, Ria Gusman, Ayo Jackson, Margo Seibert, Ned Noyes, Ted Pejovich, Samuel Taylor, Manuel Rojas, Danielle Froelich, John Little, Surya Botofasina ...
Drama, History, Crime ...

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Solar rating: 9.7


Imdb rating: 8.7

Latest Episode: Eldorado (s05e08) October 26, 2014

Nucky visits Gillian, Luciano and Lansky deal with Narcisse and young Nucky faces a turning point. In Chicago, Capone prepares to face trial and in New York Margaret becomes a stock operator a la Joe Kennedy. Scores are made and settled

Season 5

October 26, 2014 Episode 8 Eldorado 67 links
October 19, 2014 Episode 7 Friendless Child 56 links
October 12, 2014 Episode 6 Devil You Know 46 links
October 5, 2014 Episode 5 King of Norway 50 links
September 28, 2014 Episode 4 Cuanto 72 links
September 21, 2014 Episode 3 What Jesus Said 51 links
September 14, 2014 Episode 2 The Good Listener 52 links
September 7, 2014 Episode 1 Golden Days for Boys and Girls 36 links

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Just finished watching this epic series. The first season starts a little slow but a few episodes in really picks up and from there it never looks back. The show creates amazing characters that get interwoven into the story of an important time in American history. What a great job they did in recreating a time capsule of sorts with historical backing and gave the viewer of being a fly on the wall. If you are thinking of watching I highly suggest giving a go. The scenery, characters, music and more will stay with you and you will find yourself wanting to know more of this period whether you are knowledgeable about it or not. The Sopranos influence was heavy throughout, so if you enjoyed that you will enjoy this.
What an amazing ending to this epic HBO series Its going to be even better second time around lol Going to start from the beginning :)
i do not understand why they only made 8 episodes for the last season with such a dedicated fan base i just cant believe this! im a huge fan of this show! left me wanting more. its hard to believe thats the last episode.
@TeamGamey I'm in dangerous waters here, as I'm only still on Season 1.. but what's this 8 hours to end the series thing?
HBO screwed them on the last season gave only 8 hours to end the series horrible waste to an excellent series
Man what a show!
deserves 10 stars.
Best show Ever!!!To bad its the last season!!!
Besides the great story, great casting, great direction and production this show has, I love it because it has REAL people in's not laden with teens, it's not a GQ fashion shoot, it has enough variety that the entire thing seems plausible, and allows yourself to imagine being in it, rather than fantasizing about booty and abs.
I will miss it.
coming back tonight ! I just gotta see this...I thought last season was the end of this.The way it ended ya know !
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