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Black Sails 2014

Captain Flint and his pirates, twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic "Treasure Island...

Neil Marshall, Sam Miller, T.J. Scott, Marc Munden, Steve Boyum, Clark Johnson, Alik Sakharov, Lukas Ettlin, Michael Nankin ...
Tadhg Murphy, Anthony Bishop, Joe Vaz, Karl Thaning, Tom Hopper, Jeremy Crutchley, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Sean Cameron Michael, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Gregg Viljoen, Langley Kirkwood, Zach McGowan, Dan Hirst, Mark Ryan, Patrick Lyster, Andre Jacobs, Mark Elderkin, Graham Weir, Toby Stephens, Robert Hobbs, Neels Clasen, Chris April, Ernest Ndhlovu, Pierre Malherbe, Tony Caprari, David Butler, Clayton Boyd, Graham Hopkins, Russel Savadier, Dean McCoubrey, David Dukas, Lars Arentz-Hansen, Toby Schmitz, Winston Chong, Garth Collins, Louise Barnes, Paul Hampshire, Leon Clingman, Luke Arnold, Fiona Ramsey, Richard Lukunku, Clara Paget, Dylan Skews, Melissa Haiden, Richard Wright-Firth, Lawrence Joffe, Brett Laurence Williams, Robert Coutts, Kyle Isaacs, Martin Le Maitre, Eddy Kalonji, Graham Clarke, Hannah New, Steve Larter, De-Wet Nagel, Alistair Moulton Black, John Herbert, Jannes Eiselen, Sibongile Mlambo, Geoff Kukard, Lise Slabber, Russ McCarroll, Godfrey Johnson, Paul Snodgrass, Quentin Krog, Frans Hamman, Jarrid Geduld, Angelique Pretorius, Richard Antrobus, Georgie Calverley, Michael McCloud, Johan Louw, Oscar Freeman, Shaun Acker, Patrick Lavisa, Siya Mayola, David Osborne, Greg Parves, Joel Lurie, Wonder Kalambay, Alberto Nicolo, Kelly Wragg, Sazi Silingo, Alberto Nicolo', Laura Hopper, Tuks Tad Lungu ...
Drama, Adventure ...
USA, South Africa

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Solar rating: 8.6


Imdb rating: 8

Latest Episode: XVIII. (s02e10) March 28, 2015

Season 3

Season 2

March 28, 2015 Episode 10 XVIII. 212 links
March 21, 2015 Episode 9 XVII. 205 links
March 14, 2015 Episode 8 XVI. 170 links
March 7, 2015 Episode 7 XV. 198 links
February 28, 2015 Episode 6 XIV. 230 links
February 21, 2015 Episode 5 XIII. 276 links
February 14, 2015 Episode 4 XII. 209 links
February 7, 2015 Episode 3 XI 213 links
January 31, 2015 Episode 2 X. 154 links
January 24, 2015 Episode 1 IX. 139 links

Season 1


Just watched the first episode of the series & it looks like I'll be adding yet another show to my TV series addiction..! 8.5/10
Hello, I'm BrickTop & I'm a TV series binge watcher
I cant wait until next year
It was announced on March 24th that a certain familiar pirate will be spending a fair amount of time on Nassau Island.
The pirate? The very much feared pirate, "Blackbeard".
The actor who will be portraying him is actor "Ray Stevenson".
Some might know him from the Thor films as Volstagg or his most recent role in Insurgent.
We should expect to see Stevenson as Blackbeard starting in the very beginning of Season 3.
funny how tv shows have goten so well made, i binge watch them instaed of watchin more film would have never guessed that 5 years ago
@raginmjolnir movie nerds rock!!
When I was growing up I used to tell my parents what year a movie was made by that MCMXXC-whatever it was at the end of the movie... I'm a nerd like that. lol
I finally know my Roman numerals up to 30.
@Sara_82 Kuksi was an inspiration for it, but the sequence itself is all CGI and from the guys who made the show, just trying to clarify.
@SgtDoss Kris Kuksi does the artwork. If you Google him it shows his work :-)
Can find who did it*
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