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Bitten 2014

When she left Stonehaven - 'for good this time' - Elena Michaels thought she had left the world of supernatural behind. Until the night she got a mysterious call from her pack leader asking...

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Solar rating: 8.4


Imdb rating: 6.9

Latest Episode: Ready (s01e13) April 7, 2014

The Pack has its showdown with the Mutts and more secrets are revealed. The Pack gets some unexpected help

Season 2

Season 1

April 7, 2014 Episode 13 Ready 69 links
March 31, 2014 Episode 12 Caged 79 links
March 24, 2014 Episode 11 Settling 82 links
March 17, 2014 Episode 10 Descent 63 links
March 10, 2014 Episode 9 Vengeance 84 links
March 3, 2014 Episode 8 Prisoner 92 links
February 24, 2014 Episode 7 Stalking 77 links
February 17, 2014 Episode 6 Committed 58 links
February 10, 2014 Episode 5 Bitten 78 links
February 3, 2014 Episode 4 Grief 76 links
January 27, 2014 Episode 3 Trespass 55 links
January 20, 2014 Episode 2 Prodigal 64 links
January 13, 2014 Episode 1 Summons 51 links


Season 2 ( Two Different sites say Season 2 only 10 episodes)
On May 22, 2014, the series was renewed for a second season of 10 episodes.
According to the rights holders, the season 2 will be launched already in January 2015 and only 10 fresh episodes have been ordered.
The contractual agreements with the leading actors have been extended only for one year, as the rights holders aren’t sure about the further development of the show.
They have always been an hour long, and w/o commercials is 44 minutes. Cheers..
I really like this show, sucks that i have to wait till next year to see the next season.
WooHooo indeed!! So happy that it's coming back. Actually I am so happy because so many of my favourites shows are back now!! But this one is definitely one I have been looking forward to as well- jubiiiiiiiii! :D
WooHoo it has been renewed for a second season. And the episodes are now going to be 1 hour long!!
@Abstrakt It's a great series, and it get's better and better as it goes on.. Enjoy!!
@Abstrakt Oh you will love it! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Cheers...
Looks like a promising series, being that it's filmed in Canada... we'll see!
Its official! Bitten has been renewed for season 2 on both Space and Syfy. For now it's been announced that they will only be showing 10 episodes and will air sometime in 2015.
great ending!!!
@crystalskull I am also hoping for a 2nd season! I agree that they should have renewed it for a full 22 episode season! Lets keep our fingers crossed. Hopefully they will announce it soon and put us out of our misery! ;-)
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