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Identity / Episode 2

Now that Oliver no longer has the list to work from, he's not sure what's next. Roy continues doing his own vigilantism and has to be bailed out of jail by Thea. When he mentions to Oliver...

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Ugh, I find Laurel self-righteous and annoying!
I would put an arrow in both her knee caps so she couldnt be a super villain again. I hate self righteous heros who wont kill bad guys its obvious that ninja lady is way to dangerous to be left alive.
Ahaha, "It could be worse, my secret identity is a black driver" ahaha
Ahaha at the beginning of this episode when Oliver gave that arrow head to his sister and said its Buddhism for reconnecting. I thought The hood isn't murdering those bad guys hes using Buddhism to help them reincarnate lol
actually i am looking forward to see ROY the badass hndling a bow!!!
that would be exiting!!
@slekke he is indeed
oooh boy, he's in trouble now!
Totally true! I just try not to have a peek at next week previews lol
about 11 episodes yet! Pretty good season for this series.
@BrightonMatt Great Ending, obviously we know he escapes but the preview for next weeks ep. always takes away from the excitement. It's just too hard not to watch it.
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