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Arrested Development 2003

Level-headed son Michael Bluth takes over family affairs after his father is imprisoned. But the rest of his spoiled, dysfunctional family are making his job unbearable...

Mitchell Hurwitz, Troy Miller, Joe Russo, Paul Feig, Anthony Russo, Lee Shallat Chemel, Jay Chandrasekhar, Greg Mottola, John Fortenberry, Peter Lauer, Robert Berlinger, Lev L. Spiro, Jason Bateman, Patty Jenkins, Jeff Melman, John Amodeo, Andrew Fleming, Danny Leiner, Chuck Martin, Arlene Sanford, Rebecca Asher ...
Parvesh Cheena, Brian Grazer, Charlize Theron, John Rothman, Ian Roberts, Leonor Varela, Jerry Minor, Jay Johnston, Ben Stiller, Dave Allen, Robert Smigel, Andy Richter, Dave Attell, John Hartmann, Jeffrey Tambor, Judy Greer, Scott Baio, David Cross, Tony Hale, Dave Thomas, Toshi Toda, Michael P. Byrne, Matt Price, Richard Belzer, Ithamar Enriquez, Jason Bateman, Erik A. Williams, Andy Samberg, Jane Lynch, Pej Vahdat, John Krasinski, Christine Taylor, Jamie Kennedy, James Lipton, Amy Poehler, Rob Corddry, Mae Whitman, Jessica Walter, Thomas Jane, Mo Collins, Charlie Hartsock, Brandon Killham, Phyllis Smith, Christopher T. Wood, Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Henry Winkler, Nadine Velazquez, Ron Howard, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Alia Shawkat, Dick Van Patten, Malik Yoba, Michael Paul Chan, Becky Thyre, Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez, Mousa Kraish, Mark A. Nash, Marcy Goldman, Nathalia Ramos, Joe Damian Daly, Lauren Patten, Alden Ray, Andrea Kelly, Hector Atreyu Ruiz, Bob Glouberman, Sam Pancake, Jonathan Schmock, Ed Begley Jr., Steve Seagren, Christopher Gehrman, Jeff Garlin, Carl Weathers, Alan Marco, Brad Morris, Patricia Velasquez, Jim Cramer, Debra Mooney, Ross Gibby, Robb Skyler, Zach Braff, Portia de Rossi, Maggie Rowe, Regi Davis, Justin Lopez, Timothy Brennen, Rocky McMurray, Christian Vincent, John Michael Higgins, Jack McBrayer, Sarah Scott, William Bassett, Michael Coleman, Bob Einstein, Bradley Stryker, Jill Ritchie, Spencer Redford, Steve Ryan, Chris Diamantopoulos, Erik Griffin, Ashley Clayton, John F. Beard, Falk Hentschel, William Hung, Eduardo Palomo, Stephen DeCordova, Greg Wrangler, Scott Layne, Justine Bateman, Eric Boles, Mio Takada, Clinton Leupp, David Reynolds, Dan Horton, Richard Simmons, Liza Minnelli, Bruno Oliver, Nancy Schnoll, Michael Bartel, Mickey Mello, Daniel Mandehr, Angela Russo-Otstot, J.J. Wall, Dana Powell, Beverly Palmer, Justin Lee, Stacey Grenrock-Woods, Guru Singh, Jeffrey Doornbos, Justin Grant Wade, Jayme Ratzer, Luciano Giancarlo, Abraham Higginbotham, Jamila Webb, Michael Blieden, Mitch Poulos, Pedro Lopez, Zoe Levin, David Martel, Rob Richards, B.W. Gonzalez, Bronwen Masters, Jason Aaron Tinero, Danielle Cipolla, Christian Lavery, Caitlin Sedio, Steven Saltz, Mia Angel Nuñez, Paco Vela, Jordan-Scott Quinn, Ruby Jossen, Adam Mondschein, Ben Harris, Steve Ryan, Jill Donnelly, Edwin Legette, Joe Russo, Aimee Shyn, John Byers, Jayden Maddux, Carlos Albert, John Phillips, Andrew Tsygan, Anthony Wong, Mallory Yarnall, Louisa Velis, Stephanie Coffey ...
Drama, Comedy ...

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Solar rating: 9.4


Imdb rating: 9.1

Latest Episode: Blockheads (s04e15) May 26, 2013

George-Michael tries to reconnect with his father, but is finding himself overwhelmed by the responsibility of running his business

Season 4

May 26, 2013 Episode 15 Blockheads 10 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 14 Off the Hook 10 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 13 It Gets Better 10 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 12 Señoritis 10 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 11 A New Attitude 10 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 10 Queen B. 11 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 9 Smashed 11 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 8 Red Hairing 11 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 7 Colony Collapse 10 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 6 Double Crossers 11 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 5 A New Start 11 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 4 The B. Team 11 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 3 Indian Takers 11 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 2 Borderline Personalities 12 links
May 26, 2013 Episode 1 Flight of the Phoenix 11 links

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I just got one thing to say: this is like scrubs all over again. The "last season" is horrible, is just a struggle to get money. For me, this show only have 3 seasons.
i really don't get what the fuss is about. I've watched 10 episodes of the first season and barely cracked a smile let alone laughed. there are a lot of talented actors here, but the writing has me completely miffed as to why so many people think this show is great. is there a season where the show get's really clever and funny, cause so far it's coming off as really contrived and annoying? I wanted to give it a chance, because one of if not the greatest sitcoms ever,Seinfeld, took me a little while to get into, because a lot of the first season really blew.
so im up to episode 11 ,wich is hillarious, the whole thing with job and the gay sex wearing masks thing is so whacky its so great. i might have been wrong saying skip to episode 5 cuz there som much going on it could get confusing. the way they do it this season is insted of everyone in each episode everyone gets there own episodes and they show the same thing from differant perspectives.its a great twist on things this season.its really turning out to be great. just not funny till 5.
LMAO @ episode 5! finialy returning to form. episode was all tobias,hes another char. that had hardly been in the show till now. one of the funiest chars. on the show. up till episode 5 its all been michael bluth and his dad. but in episode 5 its dr. tobias f.(they wont let me type his last name even with the e) lol!. the ambigously gay wana-be actor. lol! do yourself a favor and skip right to 5 if your just starting the new season
4 episodes down,and still no will arnett,my favorite. hardly any of buster either,another of my favorites. same thing with the son,michael cera,also. they used to have every member of the family in on the shenanigans in every episode,like sienfield.thats what made the show so great the first 3 seasons,cuz there all so funny. this 4th season dosn't even come close to the first 3. so far... im very disapointed so far,i used to laugh uncontrolably threw almost every episode.its just a shell of what it used to be. one of the funiest shows ever made. ill keep watching and hope it gets better tho....
at first i went annoyed with it. i went somewhere else to watch and the same happened there. the more i watched i realized it was correct. this new season is soo funny. i really hope they make a 5th season. its great.
Sorry that's what i meant, The episodes are all correct 1 is 1, 2 is 2, etc. I just meant the name of the episode which I did find confusing. Anyway, not a big deal, thanks for clarifying Flicker
they are just named wrong. the episodes are really in the right order. i checked myself somewhere else. flicker is right. so dont worry about the names, even if its confusing. was for me at first. i watched them all and they all are correct(expect for the episodes titles).
We all know IMDB does strange things sometimes.
Solar gets ALL its information from IMDB. It's what is on IMDb.
ALL We/I care about is Being able to view them in (chronological order) and they are fine. SOLAR does not get UPDATES from IMDB except when (adding new episodes). I added the Last 5 episodes but IMDB had not input any new name information, so we are stuck with this. Sorry...Nothing anyone can do. We only get info linked to us from IMDB. Any show (w/o an IMDB ID) can NOT be added to this site. I hope this helps. Enjoy the Solar Show Experience. Cheers.,.. @blackjackbob
The episode titles aren't correct for season 4, they should be as follows.
1 "Flight of the Phoenix"
2 "Borderline Personalities"
3 "Indian Takers"
4 "The B. Team"
5 "A New Start"
6 "Double Crossers"
7 "Colony Collapse"
8 "Red Hairing"
9 "Smashed"
10 "Queen B."
11 "A New Attitude"
12 "Señoritis"
13 "It Gets Better"
14 "Off the Hook"
15 "Blockheads"
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