very well put

hahaha Fenix!!!


thank you so very much! mucho appreciated!


@Youngactress: you see the line that says(Choose how to download) to the right of it says (Premium and Free) click free and it will take you to the movie and then just click play

what about how to use it...

I'm not sure, Frank. I've never messed around with tablets. What OS does it use? If it's structured like a smart phone, you may need to visit Google Play, and get some extra codecs, and Flash Player. Your default media player may not work with it, but you can find two good ones there; MX player, and Mobo player. I believe MX player will even handle DivX codecs. You can even find the Firefox browser there (default browsers usually suck).

@frank1977: see if theres a puffin browser in the app store for it ,if you use the puffin browser to search for solar and use it normaly any link that has flash next to it should work , i use it all the time and have never had any problems with it.

@hanziman: Don,t think it supports flash!

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